Saving last played location

  • it would be nice to not have remember what show I last watched, but more importantly where I left off on a show. Netflix and Hulu have a feature that saves the location last watched so when I come back I can start watching where I left off.

  • Oddly enough, the App does this, though it tracks SD and HD versions of shows separately.

    I too would like a sort of Netflix-esque "play bar" to appear on each title, letting us know if we've watched it at all and where we left off in it.

  • I'm hoping for this also. I think CJ or Sophie might have mentioned this was in the works but was left out so they could release the new site sooner. I like that the simulcasts have started showing most recent episodes a lot better, but I'm also waiting for this functionality. Hard to keep track when you are watching multiple anime.

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