Dragonball dragon box

  • so is there ever going to be a Dragonball dragon box or is it just wishful thinking? A dragonbox of GT and the Movies would be nice to.

  • I really hope so, but I think what FUNi is thinking is that the releases for those series are good enough so they don't want to spend the amount of money to get the masters. DBZ is very popular and that's why they got and released the masters for them to us, with that being said FUNi have witness the Dragon Box Z get scraped up like no tomorrow by the hardcore fans you would think they would do this with the others and just use the money from those to fund Blu-rays or other Anime. I really want these to be released FUNi and NO the release wont stop me from buying more DB related titles in the future (Blu-Ray!!!).

  • I won't a full Dragon Box set of the whole series and movies with complete original video (4:3) on Blu-ray. Heck yeah that would set me up for good to never buy another release except Kai on Blu-ray and the Battle of Gods film (whenever that comes).

  • Quite a while ago (It has to have been 2 years now, I think), Funi sent out a survey asking about the Dragon Ball releases fans would be most interested in, and which they would like to see first. I do remember DB, DBGT and the DB movies Dragon Boxes being listed as options in that survey, but nothing has ever come from it.

    You just have to remember that the market for DB and GT is smaller than the market for Dragon Ball Z, and so those releases are likely to be less frequent than DBZ re-releases.

  • Dragon Ball Dragon Boxes FUNi???

  • If it were just a physical recreation of the box-sets (Dragon Boxes), then I wouldn't want them, unless they were in bluray, because the Blue Boxes are more or less what we would get on a DVD release. The footage is unaltered, there are both audio tracks, and the quality is passable.

    The Dragon Boxes for DBZ were more of a prize, since those featured un-tampered screen resolutions. Which was the sole reason why I won't be buying the new BD releases no matter how spiffy.

    Having said all that; I don't think it would be too far outside the realms of possibility for FUNi to release Dragon Ball on bluray.

  • that's your opinion its people out here that want the original broadcast masters with all opening, ending and next episode previews. Not bashing blu-ray but I would want a perfect release of the show before it went on blu-ray unless toei makes a blu-ray remaster. I understand you fully don't get me wrong look at post 2, but FUNi knows it has two fan bases in the USA hardcore and casual.

  • Yes, everything I've said, is opinion, and subjective. If you want statistics and facts about a release, then "best guesses" based on opinions are the best that we can do.

    The casual side of me isn't interested in replicas at this point; though the hardcore collector in me might one day be. Honestly, I would love for the fans to be able to complete their Dragon Boxes with BOTH Dragon Ball and GT. But, GT gets a lot of hate, and there are a lot of fans that deliberately overlook DB for DBZ. At this point in time, blu-ray is on the rise, and it seems as if companies are pushing it hard.


    I guess only time will tell. Right now, I'm waiting on my "Rock the Dragon" DVDs to arrive from Amazon tomorrow, or Friday.

  • OK does ANYBODY want this to happen or just me?

  • I just gave in and bought the entire set of Dragon Box's on Ebay a month or so back… set me back like 700 something but they were all still in plastic wrap so I'm not complaining.... Now I'm just waiting for Dragon Ball, GT, and Movies to get there Box sets.... but I would be fine with just bluray releases for DB and GT...

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