Technical Support Delay - RESOLVED

  • There's currently a bit of a tech support delay, particularly on e-mails. This should only drive the average ticket time up to 3-4 days instead of 48 hours (that means some tickets will take longer), but the e-mails are taking a bit longer to get back on. I don't have a definite average, currently, but it looks like 5-7 days for an average e-mail response at this time.

    We apologize for the delay and should be back down within our normal tech support timeframe soon.

    This is not an estimate of billing or product related issues– those issues are handled by a different department and I do not have a queue estimate for them at this time.

    Thank you for your patience!

  • This delay is over at this time. Delays may still occur for issues requiring multiple departments or extensive investigation. We apologize for those delays, but most tickets should be answered within 1-2 business days at this time, with the vast majority seeing same-day responses.

    Thank you for your patience!

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