No more episodes or what? What's the big idea???

  • What's the big idea? I notice that there's two seasons and so i'm checking Girls Bravo Fourms and i'm not seeing anything about why there isn't or not going to be a third season? any details???

  • The show ended in April 2005.
    The manga ended in May 2005.

    There's nothing left worth animating.

  • Understood, from what i'm reading though from another site is that they ran out of money to continue producing more shows? but it just very sad to just end a show with just two seasons and like very little to no understanding what's going to happen to them in the future. I mean the ending was sad but at the very end of the credits it looked like they were going to have plans for another but never did there's not much info on all of this i'm looking for a Trusted source to find why it has to end so badly.

  • If AIC had intended to make another season, low sales was probably the reason it never got one. finding reliable sales data 9 years back is really difficult, if not impossible, but I have located sales for Vol 1 of the second season along with total average of season 2.
    Vol 1 sold just over 3000 DVD's
    second season averaged just below 3000 DVDs per vol.

    so, Vol 1 was probably the highest selling vol of season 2, and every volume afterwards sold less.

  • Okay but that doesn't give an exact explanation for why the show just ended? I need Official Deeds on the show.

  • And since the manga was ending, there was no incentive for Kadokawa to continue funding GB anime, either.

  • I understand what your saying i just want an Official answer stating that with the Source.

  • You're barking up the wrong forum, if that's the case. We don't make the anime or have any insider information about new anime coming out prior to the point it's announced everywhere.

    I can tell you, officially, with 100% certainty, that we will not licence for distribution or dubbing in America an anime that doesn't exist. :)

  • I Just wanted Official Source but okay.

  • What do you mean by an Official Source?

  • It's not like production companies talk about or announce what they're NOT making, after all. ~_^

    Besides, it'd be in Japanese. ;P

  • I know and what i mean't by official source was, an official source with deeds on why they stop. I guess that is meaningless now though. :(

  • Well, any additional information about this would just be me Googling that for you, unfortunately. :)

    Since this is more a question of production rather than localization, you might be able to find someone who has more information on or or a place like that. Not saying none of our users would know this information, of course, but the conversations in those places tend to trend more towards the original production side, and I know MAL includes manga discussions as well as anime.

  • Will do i'll checked that out in a bit.

  • I thought it was because they had a happy ending that didn't need to have an after story. Maybe just an episode of an after story.

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