The FUNimation Dubbing movie and cast members of 'Alice in the Country of Heart'.

  • The FUNimation English Dubbed movie and cast members of 'Alice in the Country of Heart'

    'Now this is on what if it was done by them… So I might be wrong, but if not and I get some of it right will be in the U.S. on both DVD and Blu-Ray in the future, this is who I think who should be playing who. Good Manga series by the way. So spread the word for its bound to happen some day, I just love knowing on who plays who in some Anime series or movies.'

    Voice casts:

    Laura Bailey as Alice Liddell the Pretty Lady
    J. Michael Tatum as Mad Hatter the Blood Dupre
    John Burgmerier as White Rabbit the Peter White
    Todd Haberkorn as Cheshire Cat the Boris Airay
    Monica Rial as Queen of Hearts the Vivaldi
    Christopher Ayres as Tweedle Dee
    Greg Ayres as Tweedle Dum
    Patrick Seitz as Knave of Hearts the Ace
    Vic Mignogna as Julius Monrey the Time
    Johnny Bosch as Joker
    Travis Willingham as Gottschalk Nightmare the Caterpillar
    Robert McCollum as Mary Gowland 'Merry-Go-Round' the Duchess
    Luci Christian as Lorina Liddell
    Chris Sabat as Elliot March the March Hare
    Caitlin Glass as Pierce Villiers the Dormouse
    Chuck Huber as Gray Ringmarc the Lizard

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