Question about Funimation iOS App

  • Ok, so I just bought the app for my iPad.

    1. In the description it says we unlock complete series and over 3,000 full episodes. Is there a list somewhere of what episodes are available through the app?

    2. In the description it also says 30-60 new episodes are added every month, is there a list monthly of these new episodes that are added?

    Those are my concerns/questions mainly number 2.

  • yeah, check the schedule for what is going to be added and when

  • Okay so I'm not understanding this..I checked the Schedule only options there are for 'DVD & Blu-Ray', 'Free Streaming' and 'Subscription'.

    Now I know I don't get the 'DVD & Blu-ray' nor do I expect to and I just found out that I don't get 'Subscription' episodes as well either, which leads me to believe that all us App Users get are the 'Free Streaming' which technically is free for EVERYONE regardless of whether or not you use your PC or App to watch.

    It seems all you get using the app at least to me is the ability to take Funimation Mobile. If someone (An employee I guess of the website) can please prove to me us App Users get some sort of exclusivity of episodes that free users don't get I'd gladly appreciate it. Otherwise if all I'm getting for paying $9.99 is the ability to take Funimation Mobile, then I'll have to be asking Apple for a refund because it seems like false advertising to me.

  • I thought that paying for the app just removed the ads and getting the subscription in addition to the app gave you all the content?

    Before I was a subscriber my paid app had no special "subscriber" privileges that I can recall.

  • The FAQ is your friend.

  • @TIL:

    The FAQ is your friend.

    Yeah I should have really read the FAQ first, but to me the App Description is misleading. It's all well and good though I just got off the phone with Apple for my refund.

  • How would you word the app description, keeping it within the same rough character limit as the description you saw, to make it clearer what you got with the app?

    I agree that there are some things that aren't as clear as they could be about the app, but a lot of that is more character limits where it's advertised, and other limiters such as that on what the copy can actually look like. It's not our intention to deliberately mislead anyone, though, so I'm curious what would have been a more acceptable description/FAQ?

  • Hi, I know it's not your intentions to mislead people definitely not. I just thought over my purchase and feel I'd be better off just watching anime on the website in Safari rather than paying for not so much with the app. Not sure how I would re-word your app description really.

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