Armored Car?!

  • Why, in a world where crime is so low and the people are so civil, are their armored cars? Seems to me that in a world without crime, Brinks-esque armored transit would have gone the way of the dodo, especially in the heart of the city where anyone with a psycho-pass high enough to commit crime wouldn't be able to get.

    In Psycho-pass, the characters tell us that all security in their world relies on the Sybil System, that only people whose psycho-passes say that they "couldn't hurt a fly" are allowed to exist in normal society. The drones and the enforcers quickly nab the few whose psycho-passes go violent and they do so with such efficiency that the show says that the average person cannot even comprehend crime as the notion is so foreign to them. The show also says that people don't lock their doors, that security under the Sybil System is based upon trust in one's fellow man as opposed to the distrust that we, in the 21st century, have.
    ! The characters even remark that there is "no way to defend" against any criminal who isn't flagged by the Sybil System.

  • Still gotta protect yourself, in case the car goes haywire and crashes or flips. One of the episodes shows that the cars are automated and drive you around like a taxi while you sit there. Akane was sitting in the driver's seat hugging her legs at one point, so either she's really good at with her feet, or the cars drive themselves. They still had seat belts too, for what it's worth

  • This car was armored to protect the precious cargo that it was carrying. It was also piloted by a robot. It seems so odd that a non-government agency expects crime in the heart of downtown, in a city whose populace can't even understand what crime is.

    I'm pretty sure the cars can drive themselves or be manually driven, a la I, Robot. Pretty sure the when they showed Akane hugging her legs they showed the steering wheel turning itself.

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