Android - "Server Not Available" Message

  • We have confirmed an issue where Android users are seeing some incorrect error messaging on the apps.

    Users are seeing the message "Server is not available, please try again later" when there is no mobile content available for their membership type for a show, instead of something accurate, like "No Content Available".

    If you are seeing this message, please check a few other shows. If you are only getting the message for one or two shows, but not others, it is probably just that there is no content for that show. This may be because there is only content available for EVS members, but it is more likely (or very likely, if you ARE an EVS member ;) ) that we do not have mobile rights to the show.

    If you are seeing this error message on all shows, please let us know immediately, as this is not part of this issue, and may indicate deeper issues.

    Issue Status

    Affects: all Android users, only shows with no content
    Status: Not a bug, persay, but we will update the language in a future update to accurately reflect the issue.
    Troubleshooting: None.

  • This should have been corrected in the last build and I have not been able to reproduce it. I will bring it back up if I think we still need it. :)

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