Fav. Shin Chan Quotes/Moments

  • This show's dub may have taken more liberties than anything done by 4Kids, but it was all in good fun, and in my opinion, had some of the all time best comedy writing I have ever seen/heard! So with that being said, what were some of your fav. lines or moments from the show?

    -For me it's gotta be any time Yonro opened his fat mouth, lol-

  • "One fabulous day later!"
    "Initiating ridiculously long journey to secret base sequence. Red lights and heavy shadows for dramatic effects."
    "Lesbians!" "Schizophrenia!" "Tomatoes are fruits!"
    "Oh god it's horrible, I feel like lice in a lunch lady's hairnet!"
    "Hima! Did you take the one pleasure in mommy's life that doesn't involve a detachable showerhead?" "Come on Hima! You're supposed to be the one we don't regret!"
    "Open up, it's the ass police!"
    "Can I be a popcorn salesman?"
    "Okay, fine. I guess I'll go outside and play with my rusty nail collection. Or go talk to strangers."
    "Oh yeah, I offered to let you stay. Just like Poland invited the Nazis. It's not an offer - it's an invasion!"
    "Tape fixes everything. Except condoms. Right, Hima?"
    "Is this 'cause… I turned your tampon into a grow worm..."
    "You're up! I'm so so happy..." "That's what you said to dad too."
    "If my underwear rides up any higher, I'm gonna need a colonoscopy to get it out of my ass." "Yeah, I got a wedgie too but at least mine's wiping my butt for me."
    "Tell the truth. Girls like that. Except when we ask if we're fat."
    "Ew, gross! I hate getting sticky stuff in my hair! It's bad enough Hiro doesn't listen to that..."
    "Oh, why don't you act like a man for once, and crush those fuzzy bastards with a football or your penis or something?!" "I am acting like a man, by not doing what you tell me to."
    "If I've learned anything from animated movies, it's that inside the heart of every animal, insect or car lurks the heart of a celebrity voice actor."
    "First, our house gets blown up and now our apartment is about to get blown down so what's gonna get blown next?" "I'm gonna go out on a limb and say not me."
    "Quit licking that sticky knob! You know, I thought for sure I would be saying those exact words to Hima one day, not Shin."
    "You should really tell the Land Lady. You wouldn't think it to look at her, but she's rather handy when it comes to getting knobs off."
    "How hard can it be to yank a knob off. Hiro does it by himself all the time."
    "Some quote about Penny saying "I wanna draw a mushroom tower between two mountains', and later something about a hairy cave. I was too involved in the show and forgot to write it down."
    "They're playing fetch? I used to play that with Whitey's brother Blackie, you just have to make sure you don't throw the ball in the street..."
    "Somehow, I don't think this is helping Masao." "Guess we should probably do something about it, but this grass is feeling pretty comfy." "Yeeaahh..."
    "I smell quite a change in the air. Or maybe I ran over some dog crap."
    "One rich bitchy day later."
    "Wooaaahh - there's an elevator to the Methstar?" "Troopers use it when they want to sodomize exotic woodland creatures." "Eww."
    "I'm not very comfortable being an insurgent, buuuuuttt, what the hell."
    "Ahh, I love staying home on a weekday. Sure, I'll get canned if that office traces the bomb threat back to me. But until they do, it's happy time for Hiro." "Hey, you realize if you go to jail you'll be a bitch, right?" "Just like work, except in prison I won't have to wear a tie." "That's nice dear." "So, wanna have sex or something before my Soaps come on?" "Yeah, I don't think so. You're only horny when an egg drops and I'm not having a third mistake."
    "Shin, go walk Whitey! The yard's full of his crap!" "That's mine! Dad was in the can all morning."
    "Wait, you two might make babies. Mom says that happens when two people are happily in love and forget their pills."
    "I don't even feel like licking my balls."
    "Please don't crack my ass..."
    "I really need to buy that girl a shotgun. And maybe a longer skirt."
    "Oh please, If I've been brainwashed, then why don't I remember it? I can tell you every detail of my life ever since I was born 2 years ago as a grown man with a sexy mustache and a massive head wound."
    "No, Filipe! Love me, lick me!"
    "He dreams about being held tight in his arms and slapped around a little but not hard..." "Yeah... And if he did slap, it would be out of love, not because it's the only way he can get it up, you know?" "Well, as long as he can get it up I don't care how he does it."
    "Mom says men think with their noodles so I'd hate to crush my brain with my tighties."
    "Live the life of an American and do all the things a real American might do." "Uhh, but I left home without a gun!" "Yeah, me too. They probably provide guns."
    "I must save her magnificent ahh-yus (ass)"
    "Well well well, my boss isn't the only one giving me a raise tonight, if you know what I mean."
    "Ohh... You know what this means... The only time you ever put on any weight is when you're preggers Patty... I don't understand how this could happen, Bill is always so good about finishing in door number 2."
    "Don't gas me! This isn't a Moscow theater!"
    "Shin's so fast! He came out of nowhere!" "He takes after his father that way."
    "So that's the magnificent Trevor everyone's talkin' about? I could take him in a bar fight." "You're right dear, you could beat up a child."
    "... I mean man's greatest game of chance besides being gay in the 80's."
    "What are you waiting for Moaso?! Fetch!" "I'm trying, don't hurt me."
    "Fill my mind like it's my behind!"
    "The childrens are like moths to the Flamer."
    "You better not be pooping in the garden again! It's time for school!"
    "I can only hope they're coming for me next!" "No! They're here for me, they're obviously here for me!" "I highly doubt that." "I'm sure they're looking for intelligent life." "Well, you're a girl so you're definitely out."
    "No one pays attention to me. I'm like a pregnant whore at a soup kitchen."
    "I can't seem to get through to Shin about how much danger he's in." "You really think that any serial killer would put up with him long enough to make the first cut?" "I'd hate for him to be killed, and for me to never enjoy apple dumplings again... Man, I'd miss apple dumplings..."
    "Passengers of United 93 felt this, but then they felt the ground."
    "No way! Ai doesn't feel like swimming and that's final." "That time of the month?" "Ai is only five!" "Girls are getting them earlier and earlier these days." "Ai's not bleeding, or competing."
    "Wow, the only thing more crowded than the store is the sweatshop that supplies it." "Yeah, except I wish they had some of their sweatshop kids expanding the parking lot." "Give me the order and me and Hima will start jackhammering that ass-phalt." "DId you have to use those words? Couldn't you have said something with only one meaning for once?" "Knock it off, Shin. Now is not the time for lame sex puns when I'm struggling to find a slot that's open." "Look, an open slot! Step on her - ram that bastard!"
    "If there's one thing I know, it's cutting people off. It's time to show this guy why my insurance company hates me!"
    "I'm off to find my happy ending!"
    (Crow "Cawing") Caaawk! Caaaaawk Cah-aaawk?* Caaaawwkk! "Sounds like we share the same vocabulary."
    "... Getting dumped on is not a compliment! Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to take my net and my sassy white hat and try to capture something handsome."
    "Shin, why do your hills look like green butts?" "Hello, she's called Mother Nature. Mom's have butts too."
    "Men can't resist vulnerable chicks"
    "Don't doubt me, Cousin. Rats told me this legend and rats are a noble tribe."
    "Yo, moms!" "Hey Shin, what do you want?" "Well, I'm becoming an astronaut." "(Ignore instinct, be supportive.) Where did you get that stupid idea? (Damn it, that wasn't supportive. Try harder, Mitz. He has zero chance of being an astronaut but that's better than when he wanted to be a bonerologist or an alcoholic spine surgeon.)"
    "The only thing better than dancing with your ass out is eating two corndogs at once."
    "I'll show Fanny Lesbits I'm good enough, even if it's the last thing I do!" "It was the last thing she did. They were hit by a bus." "OK, so I lied about the bus."
    "There better be a lesbian at the end of this alley."
    "It looks like the building has graffiti on its fence and a bum is pooping in the mailbox..." "I never thought about that, Dad, will you push me up so I can poop in Georgie's mailbox?" "Is he your gay friend, or your dumb friend?" "Not even sure he is my friend."
    "Don't be afraid, he won't hurt you! Just don't squeak like a chew toy..."

  • The reveal that Homo Superior had the ability to set himself on fire got a YUUUUUUGE laugh out of me. It was wonderful.

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