2014 Anime Villains Tournament Round 1, Match 48

  • In our final match of the day, we have Samejima/Marionette King from I"s Pure vs. Genya from Giant Robo.

  • Samejima, for Gyt Kaliba ;)

  • Samejima/Marionette King!!!

  • I have to flip three coins for this one…...

    Two heads, so I vote for Samejima.

  • Voted for Genya because I've only seen Giant Robo.

  • All right…now has come the time for me to do a big post to show how worthy Samejima is. cracks fingers Here goes. Oh, and be warned, spoilers are coming though I'll be keeping them with just his character without mentioning other character's names if I can.

    Like a few other entrants, Samejima's not some super villain trying to destroy the world. What he is though, is a depraved sexual maniac who will stop at nothing to get what his urges tell him he needs, and falls even further into insanity because of it. The guy's probably only 18 years old or so when we first are introduced to him, but he's more than willing to join a crowd and yell at a teenage girl to strip because 'clearly she likes to show off'. When that doesn't get him the titillation he desires, he crafts a plan to host a fake magazine modelling thing to try and film her stripping down. When even that fails, he later turns up out of nowhere, having been kicked permanently out of school, to try and RAPE said girl. It's only by luck and timing that he is stopped.

    Even that's not enough to stop Samejima though. No, even further down the line, he creates a fake website with edited 'nude' images of the same girl, and now promises to rape her on camera and send the videos to any 'fans' out there for a price. And he shows up complete in drug-enduced (or so it's implied) insanity, complete with stun gun, ready to make good on this threat. Even when he is stopped for presumably the final time, all he can yell out is how he'll never stop, because 'She's my little marionette. I'll never let her go!'.

    What makes Samejima so freakin' terrifying is how REAL a threat he is. Again, no super powers here, no dreams for world domination - just one guy who is so fervently insane over his 'rights' to a particular girl that he's willing to fall further and further into insanity if it means he gets his way, almost seeming more like it's for gratification from her shame than anything else. The man is truly a sicko of the highest degree, and for that, he gets my vote - and hopefully some more of yours.

  • Impassoned speech and all, I'm gonna have to go with Genya. Giant Robo's a good anime if you can find a way to watch it.

  • voted for Genya

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