New Date A Live anime project announced

  • It has just been announced that a new Date A Live anime project is in the works, though details of it have not yet been specified. So what are your opinions? Will this project be another movie like Mayuri Judgment, or a fourth season? And which studio do you think will be assigned to this project?

  • @GalaxyCrisis

    I'm thinking it's S4 and there's really only one major arc left to be adapted. Which is the 1st Spirit arc, who gave Kotori and Origami their powers.

  • @Series5Ranger There's nine volumes of material left at this point in time, so it's clearly more than one story arc. I'm still disappointed they rushed through volume 12 at the end of the most recent season; that could have been put in two episodes easily, plus they could have teased hints at what is to come next.

    I'm putting what is left to be adapted in a spoiler box, but keep in mind this is only based on the titles of the volumes and their brief summaries.

    After the events of season 3 comes Nia the manga artist, then Mukuro the loner, followed by a whole arc devoted to Kurumi (which I'm sure fans will be dying to hope for), and then the First Spirit, Mio.

  • I mean each season is 12 episodes long, which means they can only put 3-4 story arcs in, depending on how many episodes cover each arc. Unless they make the season 24-26 episodes instead, then they can possibly cover all the remaining story arcs of the Light novel.

  • Looks like the new anime project is the spinoff, Date A Bullet. Kurumi fans rejoice, as this spinoff focuses primarily on her.

  • In an update to their article, ANN reported, "Tachibana's Twitter post on the Date A Bullet anime indicates that it is not the only new Date A Live anime project in the works".

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