• Please work on replying on fan feedback instead of having fans answering to fans I'm sick of seeing that on your forum and on your Facebook page no fan feedback allowed in this post.

  • I suggest sending them a support ticket to talk about your fan feedback issues

  • no fan feedback allowed in this post

    Too bad, I'm doing it anyway. ;P

    What are you defining as feedback?
    If it's about website issues, there's the support page.
    Tired of waiting on support? There's a thread in the "Help" forum.
    If you have a suggestion for the website- "The Suggestion Box" is down there, too.

    If you just want to pay a compliment, post a thread here; Sophie and CJ'll thank you soon enough. ~_^

    Everything else is open season, within moderation.

  • If Funimation spent time replying to each question posed by fans it would take a lot of time away from actually working on their releases.
    Funimation isn't a huge company, they don't have enough resources to have some poor bloke responding to every post on Facebook.
    Just accept the help of fellow fans, we have a lot more time on our hands since we're not working on releasing great anime, we're just responding to the 300th "when is such and such being released" question of the day.

  • Most Feedback you'll get here is in regards to site related problems, if you want info about general anime titles, best to ask on their face book/ twitter or through an e-mail. But Funi peeps are pretty busy, more important things to do then answer every single little question someone asks them.

  • Here's some feedback: Learn to use a period. ~_^

  • They speak the truth– we run an incredibly tight and talented team here, that I'm proud as heck to work with, but we don't have the manpower to answer every piece of fan feedback. Here on the forums, the volume is still such that I respond when I can, but I'm also responsible for collecting a huge amount of data and doing research on any issues people are reporting.

    If you're looking to submit feedback, the best place to do it is by submitting a ticket.

    If you are experiencing an issue and would like technical support, the best way to do so is by submitting a ticket. Please make sure you look at current forum threads on the FUNimation Help forums before submitting, as you may be able to resolve your issue even more quickly!

    If you are looking to make a suggestion, you can do so here:

    If you are reporting a NEW issue, please check the FUNimation Help forums first to make sure it's a new issue, then you can report it here: - I don't always respond to posts in that thread, but I read all of them. If something is actually a new issue, I'll get back to you requesting further information, ASAP.

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