Full metal alchemist: Roy mustangs story.

  • they should make a full metal alchemist prequel series with Roy mustang and Riza Hawkeye as the main characters set place in Ishbal, during the ishbal massacre/civil war. it should show the war from Roy's point of view as a state alchemist following orders to eliminate all the rebels, along with the other state alchemists, like Dr. Marco, Alex Armstrong ect… it basically should be prequel of the original series and about what happened to Roy and the other people of the state military in the ishbalen civil war and show in detail what really happened in the war/massacre.

  • You should contact the Japanese manga writer who lives in Japan and pitch her your idea for a new manga she can write. Then maybe a Japanese studio will turn it into an anime, and then maybe Funimation can license this anime several years from now and then you can watch it

  • ^ Not likely going to happen since she's busy with Silver Spoon and The Heroic Legend of Arslan. She expressed some interest in doing some one-shots with her FMA characters back when the series originally ended, but even if she does get around to writing and drawing them it's doubtful that they'd ever get animated. FMA's over and done with, and it ended on a very good note, so I don't think we really need more.

  • As mentioned, Funi doesn't make anime, they just dub what the Japanese studios/companies make.

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