Two weeks in a row on Sunday night the apps are just not connecting

  • Tried the PS4 app and the FireTV app, neither is working.

    I really wish Funimation would use some of that Sony money they claim is bolstering their company to hire some competent programers.

  • funimation now not working on android and fire tv for me either.

  • will load the app but wont play the shows

  • Android app telling me "unable to connect", when though earlier I was on it with no problems.

  • @Dragon0 same thing just happened to me. J was watching the new season of fairy tail perfectly fine until one episode it just wouldnt load. Now I cant get the app to load at all. It keeps saying I've been disconnected from the network but I know I'm connected. I dont get it and I'm getting pretty tired of it honestly cause it happens too often for me to be paying for this subscription.

  • @Tori0422 yeah I've still got several issues that have yet to be resolved. A lot were site related so I basically gave up using the site. But every so often i get problems with the android app and roku apps. And these problems only seem to come up when i either binge watch or try to keep up on a simulcast/simuldub.

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