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  • You can use this thread to discuss Robotics;Notes, or the connections between the past and future stories of the same semicolon universe

    I just finished part 1 of the dub and I was very happy with it. Frau's lines are pretty spectacular and translated far better into English than I could've possibly imagined. Every voice in the show seems to fit perfectly with the character's appearance and personality, which tends to be somewhat shaky. Kai's VA has broken through as a main character despite having virtually no anime experience, but his voice has been spectacular as a standoffish yet concerned character

    Much like with Steins;Gate, this dub is definitely on the high-end of Funimation's localization spectrum. Excellent entertainment

  • yeah, I was impressed with how they handled Frau. figured her lines would be the hardest for the script team

  • I'm quite glad the topic creator makes a point of mentioning Frau's lines, because I've just watched the first disc of Part 1 and one of Kona-chan's lines is bugging the hell out of me.

    In Episode 7, after she tells Kai her secret and then the 3rd ranked player in Kill-Ballad shows up for Kai to fight, she exclaims something excitedly. In Japanese, the subtitles say "w00t" while her literal words are "Kimashita!" or "He's arrived/He's here!" But in the dub…...what the heck is she saying? Can you guys tell? It sounds like "Yes L". I think the dub is great, but this line has left me stumped and it's driving me crazy. @_@; -->

  • I keep trying to link some known internet slang or acronym to it, but nothing works in context. It sounds like "ESL", but that would make zero sense in that situation. Unless she's saying some new, undocumented acronym I've never heard of. x_x;

  • It sounds like "YES Hell" to me, but I don't think that's right. I think she's saying ESL and someone didn't double-check to see what it actually meant

  • That's just weird, 'cuz Bonny Clinkenbeard writes amazing scripts and all of Kona-chan's l33t dialogue was legible up until that point. Oh well - thanks for your input on that.

  • ESL isn't even Internet slang, so I think it's something else entirely. Honestly I think she just made up a word, or added a lot of flair to YES

  • I feel strongly that it's the latter, it's just…...a really really odd reading. But I guess she is a really really odd person. Whatever. XD

  • Y'all are making me start to re-evaluate my "for 20 bucks it can't be bad" stance on R;N…

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