CDN Buffering - RESOLVED

  • Although we are aware that some users have been experiencing ongoing buffering issues with the site, there is a different, emergent issue that has been causing buffering for a wider pool of users.

    We have resolved the root cause of this issue and it should not happen again. However, our CDN cache needs time to rebuild. This should happen naturally as users continue to watch videos. There was previously an issue where the cache was not rebuilding as we expected it to. This issue has also been resolved.

    Update - 03/18

    We have seen a vast improvement in site usability over the weekend. We are still seeing a slightly higher number of users reporting buffering issues, so we’re not quite ready to call this resolved, but it does look like the cache has mostly repaired itself. We are continuing to closely monitor this issue.

    However, we believe that, while not fully resolved, this issue has reached a point where we can continue to investigate the ongoing buffering issues. I will close this thread when we confirm that this issue is resolved, but in the meantime, please see the other thread for the most up-to-date information about the buffering issues:

    Thanks for your support and your patience!

  • Bumping this to bring the new information to the top. :)

  • We have confirmed that the cache has repaired itself and this particular cause of buffering has been resolved, so I'm unsticking this thread.

    If you are still experiencing buffering, you are experiencing it as part of a different issue.

    Please see our main buffering thread for more information on this issue:

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