I love Desert Punk!

  • Its been about two years since Ive seen Desert Punk but its still in my top 10 of favorite Anime that Ive seen. It has a special place in my heart too because it got me threw some rough times. See I started watching it when I found out about my heart issue (I have Tachycardia known as Rapid Heartbeat). It causes me to get really sick sometimes and I have to pay attention to my heart rate often or it could get really bad and I could get put in the hospital. I take heart pills to keep in under control.. but anyway back to what I was saying, lol. I was watching this series when I got really sick and found out about my heart issue, it made me feel so much better watching it when I was really bad off cuz its so funny at times. The animation and story line are really great too, and would help keep my mined off being so sick. So yeah.. this Anime isnt the most talked about or one of the most popular but it still got me threw a bad time in my life and thats why I love it so much. :3

  • I just started it, I am enjoying it, and it seems quite different then the other shows I have watched here.

  • I loooooooove this show. The theme and tone is actually quite dark, but it's so full of snarkiness that you can't help but laugh all the way through. Rain Spider might be my favorite character of anything ever. The first opening and closing segments are great, too. In fact, it's got me wondering what a live-action take would be like. Probably like Adam West Batman era stuff, but that just makes me crave it more. I didn't realize it wasn't a well-known or popular property though. That's just a shame.

  • I asked Eric Vale at a con once what his favorite anime was, and he said that this was probably his all-time favorite.

    I brought my copy up for him to autograph, and in true Desert Punk fashion, he signed right across Junko's boobs. ^_^

  • Oh, geez. :D I have to get a new set actually. The last disc in particular had several moments which skipped over. When I finally got around to trying to repair it, it just didn't help. That's what I get for buying used, I suppose. Like One Piece, there is a rich cast of eccentrics, but Rain Spider, DP, and that wuss spy that "escorted" DP in the desert are my faves.

    And the whole setup is unique. Maybe its lack of standard formulae contributed to what seems to be a lack of popularity, even here. And now I'm reminded of Firefly again, and am depressed.

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