When do dubs usually happen on new releases?

  • Using Inari Kon Kon as an example because its new, does Funimation usually wait until season 1 is complete before dubbing? Because I noticed some animes aren't getting dubs on season. For example… Freezing season 2 seems to be complete but it's still sub-title only.

  • It takes about 14-16 months from the last episode of an anime to its dubbed release (usually. There are always outliers, of course). Since Freezing Vibration ended at the end of December 2013, you can expect its dubbed release sometime in early-to-mid 2015

    Of course, a show isn't confirmed to be getting a dub until Funimation says as much, and that won't be until some unknown point later when they announce they have home video rights. Haganai NEXT aired in Winter 2013 (January-March), but it wasn't until this month that Funimation announced the home video rights, and it isn't until May 2014 where the dub is being released

    So, patience is a bit of a virtue when waiting for dubs

  • The time it takes to dub something varies by title. It's a process of casting, scripting, actually dubbing, and getting the necessary materials and approvals from the Japanese producers for all of that. Then you have to contend with reverse importation, which will likely lock any US licensor out for at least several moths anyways.

    So yeah, 10-16 months is a good ballpark estimate.

  • then you've got stuff like DVD and Blu-Ray authoring, and duplication which are likely time consuming. Quality control/checking the finished product, sending it off to retailers like Amazon and rightstuf, so by the time you finally get the show, dubbing will have long been completed

  • So with all things said and done, you can probably expect Inari Konkon to get a physical release sometime in Summer 2015.

    That is, provided FUNimation decides to dub it. Or even release it at all.

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