Saiunkoko Monogatari - The rest of the story.

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    Like a lot of other people, I really fell in love with the series and to have it stop about 2/3 of the way from the end is really frustrating. Even more so because, unless you can read Japanese, you can't follow through by reading the manga/novels. Some volumes have been released in English, but not the complete series. There are some kind souls who have done their best to post volume summaries here and there, but they are by no means complete.

    Noticed that Funimation is shown as the license holder for Saiunkoko Monogatari ( — although it's not listed in the Funimation alphabetical listing. I realize that the license rights history has kind of been a debacle, but sure would love it if someone would finish what was started even if it's only to pick a fansub group and give them permission to translate the rest of the story. Would love to see the anime continued, but even just a couple of OVAs would do ~ one to cover the attempted coup and one to cover Shuurei finally saying yes to Ryuuki and their all too brief time together.

    Also, how about releasing the series again so people can find it?

    Please, oh please, oh please?????

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