IOS - Scrolling Issue

  • iOS users on both the iPhone and iPad occasionally will be logged out when scrolling down when the device tries to load more episodes.

    This is different from the issue that was producing a similar outcome only on the iPad, despite the similarity in behavior. That issue was universal when it occurred and was only occurring on the iPad. This issue is occurring on all iOS devices, but is only affecting certain lists and menus consistently.

    There is no user-end troubleshooting available for this issue. We are working with Phunware to resolve the issue and will post an update as soon as one becomes available.

    Issue Status

    Affects: all iOS users
    Status: Confirmed issue, reported to Phunware.
    Troubleshooting: None.

    Please do not create new threads about this issue at this time.

  • This issue in this form has been resolved. If we see this issue pop up again I'll bring this back up to the stickies.

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