Rooster Teeth intentionally change RWBY from Monty Oum Vision after his passing?

  • So I found the open letter from Monty Oum good friend and one of his other Animator that help with RWBY Shane Newville.

    Here the whole 36 pages of the story that you can all read for yourself.

    But it seen there was ALOT of changes done since Monty Oum passing by Rooster Teeth for RWBY.

    So he some of the main that stood out:

    So the 1st thing I notes is Character Winter. From what he has said Shane was that Winter was suppose to be voice by Monty (The creator of the RWBY) wife. He also when on to said there was design that did in change Winter as well. Another that was done was during the fight where Pyrrha vs. Cinder and when Pyrrha die it was suppose to Jaune there not Ruby. He talks about some of the voice recast after season 2. He also said the team also Kick Monty Wife of the writing team.

  • @gohan6425 Yeah Jaune seeing Pyrhaa die definitely would've had a bigger impact than Ruby seeing it. But it sucks that all of that happened.

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