**Do NOT Request Sekirei Season 3**

  • It seemed like this show was coming under the Rosario+Vampire curse, so I suppose it's time for one of these topics here too.

    For all Sekirei fans who are either wishing FUNimation would make a third season of the show, wanting FUNi to influence the Japanese to make another season, or are wanting people to sign a petition to get a third season made, please read the following:

    1. FUNimation does not make anime. They only license what's available from Japan. If it doesn't exist in Japan, then FUNimation cannot localize it.

    2. Sekirei sold reasonably well in Japan. However, there are no plans at this time for a third season. It's possible that there might indeed be a third season in the future, but as of yet there is no official news. And considering that it's been four years since the end of season 2, it's starting to look more and more unlikely that there will be.

    3. Petitions for the creation of a third season will not work. They do absolutely nothing here in the States, and they won't do anything in Japan. It doesn't matter if you get 10,000 signatures or not; the Japanese are first and foremost interested in selling to Japan, not North America. They make significantly more money from Japanese DVD/BD sales than from North American sales. If Japan doesn't have any plans for a third season, then a simple petition isn't going to change their minds.

    Sorry folks, but for the time being, IT AIN'T HAPPENIN'. If you simply can't live without more Sekirei, go read the manga.

  • 'Tis a shame as I'm currently going through this show and it continues to be what Ikki Tousen should have been-actually entertaining-but that show blows. It also shows that Funimation should have dubbed Ikki Tousen as Jason Grundy, unlike Jonathan Klein, didn't feel the need to self-censor the dub to death. Perhaps Ikki Tousen wouldn't have been so terribad if it had been dubbed by Funi proper? I'll always wonder lol.

    …this show was definitely one for Funimation to "reversion" the OP for. Tragically they did not.

  • you think the OP would have been better if the English counterpart actresses had sung it in English, is that what you are saying?

  • That was more of a sub-point he made.
    The rest was just bashing Ikki Tousen and some random stuff about dubs, classic Sidereal.

  • @Getchman:

    you think the OP would have been better if the English counterpart actresses had sung it in English, is that what you are saying?

    It would have to be-it is mighty hard to miss when one aims at the ground-and since it was sung by the characters it makes the case for a reversioning more straightforward.

    St0ck, do you ever get tired of being unable to contribute meaningfully to any conversation that would appear out of place in the setting of the movie Idiocracy? Steven Foster once opined that the anime fan was sophisticated. You're hurting his case. :(

  • @sidereal: Sophisticated doesn't mean being negative or jerky about everything. Also, Steven Foster was wrong very very wrong, calling ANY Fanbase "sophisticated" is nothing but pompous arrogance! There are good and bad individuals in every fan community, but as the Internet teaches daily sadly. Roughly 70% of fans of anything will act horrible more often then they act like decent human beings, and out of that other 30%. Most are only acting the bare minimum amount of decent.

  • Steven Foster? Like, twelve F-bombs per-second Steven Foster? Does he even know what the word "sophisticated" means? I have my doubts.

    Also, dubbing OPs is bad and you should feel bad.

  • I like to be quick and concise, breaking down what I said:
    You bashed Ikki Tousen,
    You stated some random opinion on the dub,
    And this has pretty much been your modus operandi for every post you make.

    I mean what more needs to be said? This is simply a thread letting people know it's fruitless to request additional seasons of Sekirei, witty banter seems to fit here. I guess I could add how much I disagree with most of what you said, of course this is just my opinion but here goes:

    -edited out, was going for a point but ended up being just a stupid rant, ignore-

  • @St0ck:

    Dubbing the intro would be as pointless as dubbing the series in the first place, it's a useless feature that adds extra cost and is at best a tolerable albeit inferior listening experience when compared to the Japanese dub.

    Woah, woah, woah, WOAH!! Let's not go overboard here!!

    There are plenty of places to have the old sub/dub debate, but this ain't one of them. If you want to discuss the oeuvre of Ikki Tousen, then the Ikki Tousen thread is THAT way.

  • Sorry, Sidereal's post always makes me want to get a bit ranty, deleted since it didn't really serve a purpose.

  • ^ Eh, I understand. It happens to me too.

    That's why I created this handy-dandy little number:


  • Wow, people are like this on threads? This is sad.. Can't fans of the same anime get along and shut up if it's not to do with the point of a season three of Sekirei shakes head in disappointment.

    back onto the main point, well, rather a question. Why did they stop, or in future reference if they do create a third season, delay the third season? I've just finished watching Sekirei: Pure Engagement, and it was hilarious, had an opening to a third season, and lots of mysteries to unravel and problems to solve, like more about the East, West and Southern parts of the city, when Shiina meets Ku, what's up with those gem core type things ect. ect. so why would they…? And not only that, but it was pretty popular. I heard that they stopped temporarily because they caught up to the manga too fast, did they blow their budget or move onto a new project while waiting? thanks in advance for whom answers this question. :P

  • ^ From what I understand, the anime caught up to the manga, which had gone on a temporary hiatus, and they simply didn't have enough material to fit into another season. Now, given that the show was indeed popular, there is still a chance that there might indeed be a third season in the future. However, it's been a few years since then, so there's also the possibility that this show's popularity has long since sailed.

    In short, even though a third season is possible, I wouldn't say it's all that likely at this point. Probably best not to get your hopes up too high and just enjoy the two seasons that we already have. :)

  • Unfortunately I figure this show went the way of D-gray man.

  • I always thought D-Gray man was actually finished on the Japanese side but suffered from licensing issues which prevented further US release.

    In the case of Sekirei future seasons weren't green-lite.

    Not to say one did better then the other, it was more a case of why the production house backed each show in the first place.

  • @St0ck:

    I always thought D-Gray man was actually finished on the Japanese side but suffered from licensing issues which prevented further US release.

    Nope, it's an incomplete adaptation. The manga author has health problems and the series has been suffering from lots of hiatuses. It's even switched from a weekly to a monthly magazine, and the latest chapter came out over a year ago now, IIRC.

  • Firefly, I think St0ck is talking about the anime, not the manga.

  • @jlaking:

    Firefly, I think St0ck is talking about the anime, not the manga.

    Right, he said he thought it was complete on the Japanese side. It's done airing for good, but very much incomplete as an adaptation as a result of the problems with the manga.

  • Ah, thank you for for the info, also sad to hear about the manga-ka of D.Gray (thankfully it looks like it was more a string of bad luck and she is doing ok now).

  • I know I don't have many posts..but was watching sekirei again (Blu-ray WOO!) and goofing on google when I came across this. Wanted to offer something besides the fights.
    Yes, there may be nothing now, but keep in mind, the timeline between tri-gun and tri-gun badlands rumble, Hunter X Hunter revamp/re-do, heck most movies now are getting completely revamped/redone. Given that it was popular, and they left it on a cliffhanger…nothing to it but to do it.
    It'll just take one exec, to come back to the show, and decide to put it up, there's still a reason for hope, even a few years later.
    Anyway, just some random thoughts, back to the show, toodleooo ^.^

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