2.013 Update

  • This week, we've added quite a few fixes related to Queue, your Profile, and to site navigation. We've also fixed some things on the back end. We're already working on the next update, so why not follow this forum to be notified?

    • Fixed an issue where birthday and forum notification emails were being sent out extremely late or not at all. More info here.
    • Fixed layout issue with pages in the Blog.
    • The Watch Sub and Watch Dub links in your Queue now actually go to the Queue video player
    • The playlist for each Show added to your Queue now displays in the correct sequential order. However, the Queue video player still needs to be fixed. For now, the Queue video player orders official videos (Episodes, OVAs, Movies, and Specials) by video number and video type instead of by sequence. For Shows with OVAs, Specials, or Movies, please go through the Show site to watch. This issue should be fixed in the next update.
    • Duration calculation is now correct in [relurl=profile#profile_queue]Queue[/relurl] and [relurl=profile#profile_history_videos]Video History[/relurl] in your Profile.
    • The privacy setting dropdown in your wish list's settings now displays properly.
    • The Forgot Password modal now lets you know that your email address was successfully submitted.
    • [relurl=account#account_account_registration]Your Account page[/relurl] now notifies you if your new password does not meet the requirements
    • The spotlight player on [relurl=videos]the Videos landing page[/relurl] is now limited to 10 spotlights, which should decrease the load time on that page
    • We've added a Back button to the Simulcast Shows and Simulcast Videos pages to help you get back to the main Simulcasts page (This button only works if you were previously on the Simulcasts page)
    • Seasons now display in the correct order on Show site Episodes pages like [relurl=shows/one-piece/videos/episodes]this one[/relurl]
    • Episode numbers now display in the video player playlist, which should help you to better know which episode you're on :D
    • We've added a loading icon to the Schedule section for each table of release information

    Thank you to everyone for sending issue reports through our [relurl=support]Support page[/relurl]. If you notice anything weird related to the above, please submit a ticket. Thank you! :)

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