I found a way to ease buffering issue

  • I get it. We get it. They get it. There are some buffering issues. Sometimes every ten seconds. Get over it. They are trying to bring us a bad a** site and are asking for our help…..rant over.

    I have found a temporary solution on the user end (at least for me). hopefully this will not create more issues for them. It seems that if i let the whole episode play out, then go back and start from the beginning, it plays with little to no buffering issues. What i have been doing is starting two episodes at once in two different tabs muting the second one. I watch one episode and put up with the buffering (without whining). I then go to the next episode and rewind it to the beginning and watch buffer free.

    If i plan on watching a third i repeat the process, or go grab a bite to eat in the kitchen, or drop a deuce, or update a website or.......you get it. even if i catch up to the buffering toward the end of the episode, at least most of it was buffer free.

    Hope this helps someone.

    PS: I know you funimation boys are trying your best! Kudos.

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