Free Trial Subscription

  • I have no idea where to post this, I don't really care where this goes as I haven't had much time to learn this website and I don't plan to use it again. I can't cancel my free trial which means in 6 hours I will be charged for an additional month. This is BS and not a good thing for new users to experience. I doubt I will get a response within the amount of time I have left but if I'm charged I bet I'll be stuck with the damn payment. This should be a problem posted on your home page alerting potential new users about not being able to cancel and most likely being charged an extra month rather than having it happen and them getting stuck paying it. If anyone from Funi reads this don't bother responding, just fix the error. Or tell me how I can fix it because I have tried logging in and out and have been pushing this damn button for 30 minutes.

  • Did you have to punch in credit card info when you first signed up for the trial? I'd say delete the card on file under the My Account options up by your avatar at the top of the screen (drop down menu when clicked). I don't know if it's under the Account, Site & Profile Settings, or EVS tabs, as it's not loading at all for me right now. Hopefully you get through it in time.

    If not, there was another post on the forums where a subscriber went about getting a refund (devinator12 I think).

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