Almost 2 million! New funi site, please?

  • I see were getting close to the big 2 million. I want to put a vote in for a new funimation site seeing how this one still dont work and probably wont in the future. Seems the more I start looking around on this site, the more i run into problems. Put a trouble ticket in about 5 months ago and now im wondering if theres anyone even working on this problem. Theres no updates to whats going on, just the sweet sounds of all the anime videos buffering in the background. I can see now why you guys dont do phone support/help. Dam phones would probably never stop ringing! Cant tell if im beating a dying horse with this issue or a dead one. Beep Beep Beep FLAT LINED_____________ TOD (TIME OF DEATH). Launch date

  • The horse died along with all of our long unanswered support tickets and the hamster that powers the buffer wheel.

  • I almost wish I had these problems you speak of, I kinda feel left out

  • Have you tried upgrading from Windows XP?

  • @cloudkicker - As has been mentioned in the replies to the tickets submitted, you have been encountering a known issue: The shop does not look right in IE9.

    The solution to this is to use either Chrome or Firefox. If you need help installing Chrome, Google has a help page:

    I will be emailing you as well regarding getting the shop to work on your computer.

    Closing thread as the request has been addressed.

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