Please, bring this back?

  • I understand that B Gata H Kei was not a big thing for you guys, but I know for a fact this it was actually big for your now standing audience. I don't know about you, or anyone else who has watched the series.. But, it needs to finish on a good note because, I have been in tears for the last two days, being honest.. And well, I just want to be able to see what happens next. Yes, this was in 2010.. But, I just recently found it on Netflix and those who have not watched and have Netflix go check it out! B Gata H Kei! I guarantee it will be one of the best ones you have seen in a while. That was the first Anime series I have ever watched and I keep searching for similar deals but.. There is not one like it and right now, I am writing this to try to change it! Each comment will sort of count as a petition sign.. If you guys could help me to get it back, I would.. I honestly could say what I would do.. Please support me.. It hurts to not know what comes next in this wonderful thrilling Anime series.. :c

  • Think about it, Netflix would not have the show on there site if it was not good and appealing to other Anime fans.. I do believe it deserves a second chance.. Considering, in 2010 to now.. A lot has changed with technology and a lot more people stay home now to watch these kinds of things. It would certainly pay for itself, that's what I think anyways..

  • Funimation DOES NOT make the anime, they just dub it, they don't control how long it lasts.

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