Get Rid of Essentials and Classics Banners from Reprint Blu-Rays

  • Now I personally love collecting blu-rays of films and TV shows. One of my favorite things to collect is anime and I am happy at how Funimation prices their releases. But I will say that in recent months I have stepped back from purchasing anything due to their new reprints of older shows. Nothing looks more unappealing than having the big Essentials or Classics banner over the cover. Its much like how Xbox has their platinum hits releases or when a book has the movie poster as the cover. It really just takes away from the original cover art. So I would like to suggest that Funimation could probably do away with this new form of classics. The original border over the cover art was much more superior to this new banner that is already under the Blu-Ray + DVD banner. So help me get funimations attention to get a little bit more effort in their releases, because frankly I just don't feel like picking up shows I like anymore. I0_1542833962201_184680_large.jpg .0_1542833968678_213752_large.jpg Here are examples of the original print and a new Essentials release.

  • I have zero issues with these myself, personally, but I can see how it'd be annoying for some. It might actually be worse in some ways since while games with the Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits labels might be cheaper than without in the aftermarket, I can't really say the same holds true for anime.

    It won't deter me any, oh no, I just like owning the thing regardless of whether or not it has a label, and when it comes to looking for presents, not very many of my family and friends are particular about it, but for more serious collectors? Yeah, I do kinda see the issue.

  • I don't have a problem with it, since I usually throw out the slipcover anyway on any Funimation title I buy that has them. It's an extra step in getting to the whole point of buying BD's, which is to watch the show.

  • I like the slip covers, but the new lines are much better than the old Save line with the ugly green.

    You just have to look at it as a cost saving measure. Heck, it probably saves them all of 10 cents, but as long as the Essentials and Classic line are cheaper, that's fine.

    Recently they have been re-re-releasing items as Essentials and Classics that cost MORE than a previous release. That's idiotic

  • Can't you just flip them inside out like you could with the old save editions?

  • @ShamusArang Buy the previous releases or create your cover art, your "problem" is now solved.

  • The covers are reversible. The other side doesnt have the silver strip across the top

  • Thanks Everyone who pointed out the covers are reversible, this makes me feel a lot better about it. Kind of did this post in a heat of the moment thing so now that I thought about it it aint too bad.

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