Lupin III

  • I loved the latest Lupin III and was glad you all imported it and dubbed it. I would now like to watch more Lupin. Is there any chance you will be getting the first three series? I own the first one which is in Japanese with subtitles, but I can only find half of the second series on DVD in the US, and I cannot find the third series at all.

    Thank you!


  • The first series, which you already said you own, is already licensed by Discotek Media, so FUNimation can't really touch it.

    The second series was originally licensed by Pioneer/Geneon, but they only released the first 75 episodes on DVD. The singles they did release are now out of print, and seeing as how the company is now defunct, it would take another licensing company to rescue it.

    The third series has never been licensed at all, but many are thinking that if anyone was to pick up both the second and third series, it would be Discotek. They seem to be the "go-to" company for licensing all things Lupin, outside of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, of course.

  • Hi there dwfresch, welcome to the forums.

    As Spaceman Hardy has already said, FUNimation seems to more or less be done with the Lupin franchise if I had to guess, since it has never really been a huge seller over here compared to how you would think it would do. Them getting the newest Fujiko series is more an anomaly than anything else, and probably had more to do with how much hype was around it, how new it was, and the fact that it was really different from a lot of other Lupin titles.

    Discotek seems to be the go-to company for Lupin now, as they've licensed the first TV series, a nice handful of the TV specials (a few of the later ones, and now they seem to be picking them up in order from the start, as they recently announced the first and second specials), and even have some Bluray title planned for it in the near future (chances are it's Cagliostro, the movie Miyazaki did). With any luck, they'll eventually also get the second and third series!

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