Watch sub or wait for dubbed version

  • Hey, So I find that a lot of shows are still without the right to dubbing the show, which means they are the simulcast version. I was wondering if it was a good idea to watch the shows in the subbed version, then when they are released as a dubbed version, watch them again. Any comment is greatly appreciated


  • I think it's a very good idea, especially if, like me, you are interested in hearing the localization changes Funimation makes in a script when they take the Japanese translation and rewrite in English to fit the lip flaps and the mood of a scene. I think the script changes are the most fascinating part of a localization from Japanese to English

  • I find that when I watch a show subbed I don't feel inclined to go back and watch it dubbed as I already remember what happened. On the plus side, with the ~1 year turnaround time between a simulcast in a dub the dub will come out almost long enough after the sub that I'll feel like watching it.

    There are a lot of shows out there with what I'd call "bad subs" and I feel that I'd be doing myself a disservice by watching the sub. While I watched Freezing Season 1 subbed, after watching it dubbed I can definitely say that dub > sub, to the point that I gave up on watching Season 2 subbed as I had to force myself through the inferior acting.

    I agree that it is kinda fun to note what is changed between the English dub and the subs, but since the subs are liberal translations themselves it isn't all that meaningful to do so.

  • I enjoy doing watching sub, then the dub version. It's fun to see the changes plus you can sit back with the dub and catch everything you missed when you watched the sub. I just seem to miss some action as I'm reading.

  • it's up to you, so what do you want to do? personally, I follow anywhere between 22-30 shows a season, and, assuming I liked the show, I watch it again later if it has been dubbed.

  • It was awesome seeing season 2 for the first time dubbed! I had seen Freezing season 1 on Funimation Channel, and was able to see Freezing Vibration tv premiere, it was fun.

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