I purchased a $7.95 Gift Subscription

  • …and it will not allow me to add it under redeem subscription. I waited for my trial to run out, and then today I went to go add it and it says must be Redeemed as a giftcard. I then go to subscription it says I am a member, and it has my credit card information.

    I purchased the gift because when I set up my account i used Pay Pal, and I decided I didn't want to use pay Pay, and it would not let me add my CC information

    So as it sits. I have Elite membership, because it will now be charged to my account. I have this $7.95 giftcard and I can't redeem it for a subscription. I did not put in a request for a ticket because I have yet to hear back on my first ticket. Which was related to billing, but resolved as soon as my trial expired.

    So someone please help me.

  • Have you manually cancelled your account? You will not be able to add the Gift Subscription to an active subscription account, or to any account with subscription days currently remaining. You may be able to resolve this issue yourself– though I don't see any way around paying for the one month on PayPal at this point if that date has already passed.

    In addition, you should always submit a new ticket for billing related issues - no billing agents check the forums, and no one on the forums can help with billing related issues, so a ticket is the only way to receive billing related services.

    However, I can tell you that you should be able to get your account cancelled so that when this month runs out, you'll be able to apply the gift subscription code.

  • Well. This morning I did not have an active account, then I went into redeem subscription, and it erred out telling me this was a gift card code not a subscription code and to submit it in the store during the end of my purchase. Then I went back and then my subscription was active with my credit card information as it's billing source. So I am not sure even after the subscription time has passed if I will be able to do it.

    CJ I don't mean to be rude but I submitted a ticket to the billing department over two weeks ago, and I had not heard a thing. So ultimately I have two options, wait until my sub runs out, and try to apply it again. The second option if it fails again, is to use it in the store. (Which I was going to do this morning but I got another error saying that my gift card does not have the balance to cover my purchase.. Which is another frustrating situation, I should be able to apply my credit to my account and pay the remainder with another source.. ..) You can see why it's a little frustrating. I am grateful for your responses, but I feel like there are some issues here that should not be this frustrating for your customers.

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