Jormungand Question (English Subtitles And English Langage at same time)

  • Hello everyone..

    I've preorder Season 1 and 2 from Amazon, I truly hope that I can watch it in English Subtites and not having to turn on the Japanese Language just to have English Subtitled on. :(

    I hope there an option that allowed us to watch English Subtitled and English Language at same time.. So I can listen and follow the words at same time. I'm deaf (Hard of hearing when wearing Hearing Aids) Just that without English Subtitles I wouldn't be able to understand what they're saying in English Language completely.

    Please.. Please let it be in English Subtitled while watching English Language.. :(

    When watching Blood C, I was truly disappointed and Upset when finding out that I couldn't watch English Subtitled while in English Language.

    If I've known that earlier I would never preorder it in the first place. Please Funimation give us option to watch it in English Subtitled while in English Language.. I've on every Animation and am glad :). But I cannot believed that some of the animes from here made it where I couldn't watch English Subtitled in English Language!

    I can't wait till the released date. Please can someone tell me that I got nothing to worry about.. that it'll indeed show English Subtitled in English Language? :((((((

    Thanks for your time.

  • I hope this worked out for you. I noticed this occur a few times before too with some releases from Funi, which I'm not sure why that happens. Almost every DVD I've seen has English subtitles despite the spoke language option. I too use subtitles at time when I listen in English because the characters speak too fast or mumble something that is important!

  • Hi Bloodknight. Allow me to explain the reasons for the subtitle issue.

    This is a process that is commonly referred to as "locked subs". Basically it prevents you from playing the Japanese dub track without the English subtitles on and vice versa. This is not a mistake on FUNi's part, but is done intentionally by request of the Japanese production companies that they license the show from. The reason is because it acts as a deterrent against what's known as "reverse importation".

    Reverse importation is basically when someone from Japan chooses to import the US release of a show instead of buying the local Japanese release. You may not be aware of this, but anime in Japan is MUCH more expensive than it is over here. Whereas we're accustomed to paying around $60 or so for 12-13 episodes, Japanese prices can go for as much as $40-$60 for a 2 episode disc! It isn't uncommon at all for a 1-cour/season show to cost well over $300. So instead of paying that, some of the more thrifty anime fans instead wait for the US release which - even after shipping and customs charges - is significantly cheaper. The Japanese production companies don't like this, because they are funded almost entirely from Japanese DVD/BD sales, whereas they make very little from US and international sales. It didn't use to be as big of a problem in the pre-bluray days, but because of Sony's "brilliant" idea of putting the US and Japan in the same bluray region code, more and more Japanese anime fans are reverse importing from the States, and it's taking a huge chunk out of the production companies' profits.

    So, the companies came up with the idea of locked subs. This way, if anyone from Japan imports the US bluray and tries to watch it in the native Japanese, they will be unable to turn the English subtitles off, making the entire package seem a lot less valuable to them. And it seems to be working, as more and more bluray releases from FUNi, Sentai, Viz, and others are starting to implement the system. And if you think about it, for most people, it's not that big of a deal: The vast majority of anime fans here in the States don't actually speak Japanese, so they would need to watch the subs anyways. The only ones it seems to bother are the nitpicky hardcore audio visual nerds (who really need to learn to just deal with it, if you ask me), and people such as yourself who are hard of hearing.

    While I am sorry to hear about your condition, unfortunately I don't think there's anything FUNimation can do about it. The subs issue is a direct request from the Japanese themselves, so their hands are pretty much tied. I do think there are ways to get around it, however. If you have a BD drive on your PC, you can use a program such as AnyDVD-HD to forcibly add the subtitles to the English track. Also, there are a few recent releases from other companies such as Viz which have options to watch the dub with the subtitles on.

    Anyways, that's pretty much the reason in a nutshell. I'm sorry that it bothers you, but I hope you're still able to enjoy Jormungand regardless. :)

    EDIT: This might help. It's a list of all the current anime releases that have been confirmed to have locked subtitles. Unfortunately, it seems that Jormungand is indeed on the list:!-The-locked-subtitle-thread

    I should add however, that Jormungand comes in a DVD/BD combo pack, and if you're willing to settle for watching the DVD instead of the bluray, I can tell you for sure that those are never locked.

  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I just realized that I'm responding to a thread that is almost a year old.

    Right. -_-

  • Not only that, but he was asking for English subs on the English track, not a removal of English subs on the Japanese track

    The English language is always somewhat different from the Japanese one, so simply slapping the Japanese subtitles on to the English track wouldn't really solve the primary issue

  • yeah, I'm also hard of hearing, and just putting the japanese subs over the dub is not gonna cut it. there should really be a subtitle track with the english dub script. I don't generally have a problem with dubs when watching on DVD, as I just watch that on my computer with headphones in. but watching blurays on my tv isn't really an option unless I watch in japanese.

  • Maybe it doesn't work if you're watching the blu-ray. I tried it with the regular DVD and I was successful.

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