PS4 Streaming issues

  • It's been brought to my attention that the issues I, myself, and many others are dealing with...aren't new. By any means. So can we just not, funimation?
    You guys tried a new update and it sucks. Not just because I think so, but because I've been seeing the same complaints that aren't being fixed and the truth behind the frustrations are being ignored entirely when commented on to be addressed. People are tired of subscribing just to be paying for service that isnt worth it anymore. If the update was such a fail can we just stop trying to "improve" what isnt improving and just go back to what worked that everyone was majority satisfied with? If it's not broke, dont fix it? I dont mind the colors or even the menu and what not but they weren't an important change or even cared about. I cant stand the amount of streaming issues. I dont even have these problems with netflix or hulu. I love funimation because it's been my whole childhood and beyond. But let's be smart and admit this new thing isnt working flawlessly. Nothing ever is supposed to but it doesn't take a genius, entrepreneur, or tech savvy programmer to know that if your streaming isnt working and that's what people are subscribing for then maybe we should make sure atleast THAT part of it all is working properly. Can we just have it stream properly? I dont care how ugly it might look. It doesn't have to be pretty. The anime is what makes it beautiful. But why am I paying for service that shuts down on me regularly or stops working properly or has times when I cant watch because "server overload"? You dont buy a car that only works some days. You dont pay a phone bill that only works sometimes some days.
    Same error codes, same problems, same complaints as everyone else. Please.....stop letting the complaints pile up and fix the things we care about...not the stuff we dont. If I'm paying for premium like everyone else, then my voice had better matter..
    Take a vote, I can guarantee more people care about the reliability of the service you provide that we pay for FAR MORE than we care about the look and use of the app itself. Those things are so minor compared to its performance. You build things from the inside, out.

    Update: error code CE-34878-0
    All I did was pause an episode for 5 minutes tops and the screen froze up while the episodes audio kept playing. I even tried to back out of the episode while it froze and the audio kept the same image up while the sounds paralleled with what they normally are when you back out of an episode to go the the menus. I had to close the application for it to work properly.

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