Gaming Nostalgia

  • Like most types of media video games are no exception to having certain titles that hold a certain level of nostalgic value for me, and I'm sure it's the same for some other people around here.

    So, I'm going to share some games that I remember playing, quite some time ago that bring about these feelings. What I'm listing here are a few of the games that stood out from when I was a kid, some I offer a description and/or video.


    Burger Time

    Does anyone recall that chef fellow sitting in the background in Tapper's on Wreck it Ralph? Well that was the protagonist of Burger Time, a Chef that had been shrunk down but still insists that he gets burgers made for his customers. The antagonists in pursuit of him consist of Hot-dogs, Pickles, Eggs and other food stuffs; the weapon to immobilize them; pepper, or, when the character made a burger, they'd drop down with it.

    I remember seeing my cousins play this game all the time all the while blasting AC/DC or Ozzy Osbourne while playing it.

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Another one my cousins played, and beat, the graphics were quite primitive, but it was a 2D, action adventure game where the main character found various enemies, I remember the ending how it made this weird monotone chime upon winning.

    Astro Smash

    Sega Master System

    Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    This was probably the first video game I really got into; it was pretty much Sega's answer to Mario at the time. You had this character that could punch bricks and enemies, acquire useful items, or money to get more useful items and the controls were very sensitive. Some of the bosses in it were characters you had to play Scissors, Paper Stone against in order to advance. Even their heads, which when faced in the second half of the game would be thrown at you as an attack, which you had to punch three times where hands that took the position of Scissors, Paper or Stone, thus Stonehead, Paperhead and Scissorshead. The graphics were cheesy as hell along with all the music, but I remember when we got a Sega Master System in the Christmas of 1988, even my dad played this game.

    Here is a funny clip, but still manages to get the idea behind the game:


    This game was a sort of Conan the Barbarian style game where you had a muscle bound hero, used various weapons and once your health ran out, your character died off. This was a hard game; we borrowed it off of a friend and even after we played it and became familiar with the levels; there were times where we just sucked. It was one game I never did beat, I was close, I actually made it to the doorway to the final boss, but because of the way it was situated, I couldn't get in.

    Kung Fu Kid

    Black Belt

    Speed Run

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    I hear these days this is considered a difficult game, and I suppose it was, I remember when we first got this game and how I was stuck on level 3 for the longest time, then, finally, a few months after owning it I wanted to see how it ended. So I would play the crap out of it; on the weekend, when I finished my school work and I eventually beat it. Looking back, I remember how cheesy those graphics were, and the crappy 2D setup, but it was such a blast to play.

    Super Mario Bros 3

    I still remember when this game first came out, the hype surrounding it and how much everyone wanted to try it. I remember when it was on that horrible movie; The Wizard, which was nothing more than a 90 minute advertisement for Nintendo games, Universal Studios and a teaser for Super Mario 3.

    I had played the first Super Mario and absolutely loved it, but when I first saw this game, it was when my cousins, had rented it; yes, in those days there were stores and gas stations that would rent games out. At the time our family lived on a farm with our cousins in another house there as well, which is why this game just brings back and triggers all those memories. I remember they had practically marathoned through it over the course of a few days, eventually; a friend of mine got this game and lent it to me in exchange for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I still remember the days on long weekends staying up until 3:00am with friends playing through this game and the suspense of beating the next stage.

    There are some other games that I guess would qualify as old enough now for me to be nostalgic for Playstation 2 and Xbox, but those will come another time.

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