Possible DVD/Blu-ray Release?

  • I only found out about The Tatami Galaxy a few weeks ago, after reading some very positive reviews for it online. After watching it on Funimation though, I fell in love. It's such a great story, and due to the nature of the show, it seems perfect for multiple rewatches. So is there any chance it'll be released on DVD at any time? Is there a good way to drum up some interest in a home video release of The Tatami Galaxy?

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    With Funi now experimenting with a sub-only release style for shows that they don't think would work with a dub/sell enough to justify dubbing costs, I think that Tatami Galaxy's chances of seeing a home video release have increased, even if only slightly.

    Right now, I think the best thing we can do for Tatami Galaxy at this point is to spread the word for other people to go watch Funi's stream. And of course talking about it here shows interest as well.

  • Makes sense, thanks for the response!

  • No home video release for The Tatami Galaxy?? We must find the person responsible!

  • this show is both near impossible to dub and really good. However funimation would choose to release it, I would buy it.

  • Ah I love it so far and I would buy the DVD if it came out ♥♥♥

  • This show definitely deserves a Home Video Blu-ray release. Funimations reluctance to do a sub-only home video release is frustrating here. Sentai and Aniplex would have gotten this out there by now because they do sub-only all the time. It is much more cost effective for shows that garner this type of niche audience. Even if it is undubbable(?), or the cost of a dub would exceed the possible sales numbers, the target audience for this show (A. Doesn't care about a dub if they can get the show in their collection and (B. are generally more likely to purchase anime to begin with. Basically you aren't going to lose any sales if this doesn't get a dub. We would rather have a sub-only release rather than not be able to have it in our collections at all. Thanks for listening Funi!

    Also to note, there are roughly 20,000 ratings of this show between ANN and My Anime List. Its safe to say that the number who don't rate stuff on those sites is quite a bit more as well. As a hypothetical situation, lets say that the total number of viewers is somewhere around 30,000 and that the number of people who will buy the show is somewhere around 1-2%. Even given that pretty reserved estimate that's about 400-500 copies. With a sub-only release I can't imagine that not being profitable with a sales price of roughly $30($13,000-$14,000 gross). Its not going to bank like Attack On Titan, but give the niche and mature audience some credit, we are generally the ones who actually have a job and buy anime after all.

  • Dat region though :/

  • I just wanted to add my voice to the hope that one day this will get a blu/dvd release from Funimation. I recently learned about its existence and was super excited when I saw that Funi had licensed it only to be bummed out when I saw it was streaming only. As someone who doesn't have a great setup for streaming and, in general, has no interest in turning to streaming over watching physical copies of things on my nice setup, this not getting a proper RA/1 release is a major bummer. Hopefully this and Masaaki Yuasa's other shows eventually get the NA releases they deserve.

  • Yes, please consider a sub-only release! I'm not familiar with Funi's reasons for avoiding sub-only releases, but I would really love to own such a fabulous series and support Funi in the process. Even a download purchase would be fine, if DVD/Bluray is too onerous (though as far as I can see, downloads on Amazon are limited to movies). It's a shame to think the series will become inaccessible in North America if/when it becomes unavailable to stream it in the future.

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