2.012 Update

  • Along with some tweaks to help you find information and new things to watch, we've made a lot of changes on the back end of the site mostly to our Customer Support System in order to help us help you faster.

    • Enhancements made to Customer Support System.
    • Spotlight player on Home should now load at a consistent rate each time, if not a bit faster.
    • Red spinning icon in profile and account resolved. Please delete your advertising related cookies if the issue does not clear up on its own.
    • Shows with 100+ episodes now no longer have a gap on the Episodes View All page.
    • Wallpaper widget on show sites now only displays one icon per wallpaper type available instead of one icon per wallpaper size available.
    • Playlists page list view is now visible in all supported browsers.
    • Search fixed on Simulcast Shows page.
    • Shows filter on Simulcast Videos page now only lists shows that are simulcasts.
    • Show and video details now display properly when you watch a video from your Queue.
    • Copy and formatting updates

    Thank you to everyone that has reported issues at! ^_^

  • I should note that if a show does have a gap, that the gap is intentional. For example, we actually do have a gap in One Piece.

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