Goku's Mother Revealed Discussion

  • If you don't believe me. watch this video.
    What are your thoughts about this unexpected news?

  • …this is why we need an anime series to cover the legend of Bardock (besides the Bardock movie so well spoofed by DBZ:A).

    I find it weird that the Saiyans would have a bad warrior, that their brutal training actually allowed for bad soldiers (either by beating them into a good soldier or outright euthanizing the bad ones). They're like the Spartans of outer space. So, naturally, we need to see that too.

    AT said that Vegeta was his least favorite character? Lame. That might explain why both he and Piccolo got ripped off as the series went on. Still wish that one of those 2 had been voiced by someone besides Sabat by Funimation as I still can't get into that dub as it sounds like he's talking to himself.

  • When I think about Gine, I think of a shy emotionless moe female saiyan who hates fighting anyone for a purpose and depended on Bardock fequently. I think that if It gets an anime made especially for that scenario, it would be 13-26 episodes written by Toriyama himself to flesh out for the Saiyans' existence and how they came to be. If a movie, It would have to be longer than 90 minutes long and be complete.

    Vegeta needs some character development for the next movie. He might even go to SSJ3 for once.

  • I'm concerned about the idea of a "moe Saiyan". That's like a contradiction of terms, but that is pretty much what the guy in the video relayed about "Gee Nay".

    Seems to me that even the worst Saiyans would be made into beastly strong warriors just by getting constantly almost-killed by their trainers, since they biologically/automagically get stronger after each near-death-experience.

    So if she is moe personality-wise, she should still have some power…which just reminded me of Armstrong's piano-lifting demure sister in FMA (good) or Rea Sanka in Sankarea (bad). :)

  • I want to see this!

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