Import of Fairy Tail blu-ray Collection to Europe - questions!

  • Hi,

    I'm from Germany (Europe) and need some information. I really like to buy the blu-ray releases (collections) of Fairy Tail, but there are still some questions that I'd like to have answered before:

    1. Are the Fairy Tail Collection One and Two and the following collections also for region B/2 (Germany) or only for region A? says "Region A/1", but the funimation shop website says "Region: A, B, 1, 2, 4".

    2. Are the Fairy Tail Collections any different to the regular editions (parts) with regard to video (bitrate) or audio quality, apart from packaging?

    Thank you in advance!

  • In an unboxing video it looks like it's A/B, I can't tell the DVD regions, the guy doesn't focus on the back too much. Some reviews I've seen also mention that it's the regions listed on Funi's page.

    The collections should not be any different than the regular editions. It's essentially just repackaging the same discs into one case and selling it at a lower price.

  • I have Collection 1 and it's A/B/1/2/4. The only difference between Collection 1 and parts 1 and 2 is the packaging

  • Thank you, Firefly and Riles. I'll order them and hope the best.


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