Funimation App for Ps4(I know…)

  • I know this has probably been mentioned like a million times and therefore should be even more of a reason to hear me out… Release a Playstation 4 app so that all of us who have consoles can purchase and enjoy your streaming services away from the computer! I'm sure Xbox One guys would like one too. Shouldn't be super hard... Especially on the new consoles since they have so much power. =D Anyways I just wanted to put this suggestion back on the top of the page. Get to work so you can take our money ;)

    P.S. - Forgot to mention I had waited a really long time for a Ps3 app just for one to never be released :( I'm saddened! Just saying =P

  • A PS4 app is on the way (it will actually be compatible with PS3 and Vita as well).

  • This post is deleted!

  • When can we expect the app for PS3????

  • Welcome to the Forums Eclipse.

    I looked and don't see anything about an announcement for a PS3 app (besides for Sophie saying that its on the way) or a release date

  • There is no set release date for the PS4 app at this time.

  • I'm hoping they will announce more info during Anime Expo on the Playstation app and/or an Xbox One app

  • So… are we days, weeks, months, or years from this being released? I know there isn't a confirmed date but even a vague window of time would make me feel better about my subscription fees.

  • My apologies as this is sort of waking an oldish thread, but for the sake of promoting our (the gaming community's) desire for the PS4, PS3 and various other apps.. Let me just say that the day the Funimation app becomes available for my Playstation 4 is the day that I not only start a membership (as I'll have a device to watch it all on), but pay for months in advance.

    I'll be eagerly awaiting the app, whenever it shows up..

  • I just put my PS4's HDMI cable into my laptop. Bam. FUNi player on the TV.

  • admin posted but nothing is showing up I too have wanted one for a long time I hate having to use my hdmi cable on my laptop to plug into my tv then having to walk up and click the next episode or fullscreen it again you will have my subscription again when the app is available.

  • It's being worked on. As soon as we have anything further to announce, believe me, we will. ;)

  • well its been a really long time in development hell crunchyroll was able to do it whats taking so long is it because of hulu licensing or something?

  • Cant wait for this!

  • Still waiting. The ONLY thing holding me back from subscribing to All-Access is the PS4 apps. I refuse to pay $60 a year and have to watch something on the website or my mobile phone.

  • Is there any new news on this?

  • I wish Funimation would at least give an ETA. As a subscriber a least this way I can feel like they are working towards improving and expanding their service. Being upfront about delays or trouble in their progress would make things more transparent.

  • I hope it comes out soon, because I just got my PS4 system yesterday (=^.^=)

  • I been waiting for months I just want to know what the release date for the app on the ps4 see I'll be happy if its release in the summer or fall I just need my anime yum some delicious juicy anime can't wait until highschool dxd born comes out

  • Unfortunately, we can't announce specific release dates for any of the apps. The most we can say is "early 2015", which basically means "before June".

    However, if I were considering purchasing a PS4, I would perhaps look more seriously into doing that. If I were considering getting rid of my PS3 because the PS3 app hasn't been updated yet (I would never do that b/c backwards compatibility), I would reconsider.

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