2014 Annie Awards Talkback thread!

  • The Annie Awards are streaming live now!


    You can also follow the on Twitter!

    But yeah come here to chat about who wins what and weather you agree or not & all that. And if your like me and having trouble getting the stream to play ill post a list of the winners later.

    Awards So far…

    Editorial Achievement
    TV: Mickey Mouse Toons
    Theatrical: Monster University

    Video Game Award

    • The Last of Us

    June Forray Award * Think A Hall of Fame Thing*
    Alice Davis (Disney's Sleeping Beauty)

    Special Achievement Award
    -CTN Animation Expo

    Certificate of Merit

    • I Know That Voice (Documentary)

    Outstanding Achievement in Character Design
    TV: Mickey Mouse Toons
    Theatrical: The Croods

    Music Scores
    TV: Mickey Mouse Toons
    Theatrical: Frozen

    Animated Effects In Animated Productions
    The Croods

    Animated Effects In A Live Action Production
    Pacific Rim

    Best Animated Short Subject
    Get A Horse!

    Winsor McKay Awards (Lifetime & Career Achievement)
    Phil Tippit ( Star Wars)
    Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira)
    Steven Spielberg (Various)

    Outstanding Achievement In Character Animation
    in LA Prod. Gollum- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    TV Prod: Toy Story of Terror
    Feature Prod: Croods

    Production Design:
    TV: Legend Of Korra
    Feature: Frozen

    Special Feature
    Chipotle Scarecrow

    Best Animated TV/Broadcast Commercial
    Despicable Me 2

    Voice Acting
    TV: Adventure Time
    Feature: Frozen

    TV: Futurama
    Feature: Wind Rises

    Best For Preschool
    Sofia The First

    Best For Children
    Adventure Time

    Best General Audience

    TV: Toy Story of Terror
    Feature: Frozen

    Best Animated Feature Film

    And that's all folks...Goodnight!!!

    Edit: Looks like the stream cut out again...dag nab it, looks like I'll have to get the list later after all...:(

    Edit 2: yes It seems the awards are bias towards Disney, surprised Croods one anything since it's dream works....but glad it did.

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