Thoughts on Kamisama Kiss?

  • I want to know what are your thoughts on Kamisama Kiss now that the English dub is out and the season is done (for the moment) ?

  • It's a'ight. Kinda cute, kinda girly, kinda tried its absolute best to make itself a Fruits Basket clone. Pretty good chemistry between Tomoe and Nanami, and I specifically enjoy the sort of stylistic approach they take with Nanami being the straight man to Tomoe's deliberate aloofness

    Didn't care about any of the other characters much, I only saw them as MacGuffins to further Nanami's and Tomoe's relationship and humorous banter

  • I dunno I loved it. Nanami and Tomoe are cute… I would say it is trying to be like Fruits Basket but I love the crap out of Fruits Basket so that doesn't bother me... hope it sticks!

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