Your Anime Pet Peeves

  • With so many series in every possible genre, there are tropes that are repeated and repeated. I'm sure there are a couple of that fans just either irk them when it happens in the middle of the series or just prevent them from watching a series because said series is defined by X trope; no matter what, someone will just facepalm, stop the episode or just stop watching it.

    Mine deals with slice-of-life moe series and stories that, for no good reason, just fill fanservice every possible second. Cute schoolgirls doing cute things as they go along with life has over-saturated the market that most series just devolve into such type, and magical adventures or surviving an apocalypse with the harems' chests bouncing with gainax physics and voyeuristic camera angles negates the story and characters while making me feel like the studio could have just had made a hentai and be done with it.

    …. But that's my pet peeves. What about you all? So what are some of your own?

  • Too many to name, mainly the have the same problem I have with most television, mediocre writing, poor character development, and over dependence on stereotypes, which would be fine as all media too a degree is made up of stereotypes, but very few anime try to do new or interesting things with them. Same thing goes for tropes/cliche.

    Also, the fanbase, given all fanbases act horrible online, but that doesn't make it any better.

    On a more positive note, love your avatar! Hinata was one of my fav characters back when I was an avid Naruto fan.

  • What is a pet Peeves?

  • @Zethus:

    What is a pet Peeves?

    Something you dislike. A lot.

  • I gotta say my biggest pet peeve in anime is the whole sub/dub debate. Nothing more annoying and anger inducing than hearing fans still fighting over what they think is superior. Just watch it the way you feel comfortable without trying to act like your way is the only way.

  • @LuckySeven:

    I gotta say my biggest pet peeve in anime is the whole sub/dub debate. Nothing more annoying and anger inducing than hearing fans still fighting over what they think is superior. Just watch it the way you feel comfortable without trying to act like your way is the only way.

    Truth!!! That would be my biggest pet peeve. Just shut up and watch the show how you want to watch it without raining on people's parades.

  • People that claim that the sub is superior to dub because Japanese VAs have so much more emotion, as well as the claim that they don't re-use VAs like we do in English

    Also, people that crap all over a show that they've only read the title or synopsis of, without watching a single minute of it. I can't even comprehend how you can make fun of something you haven't experienced firsthand

  • I agree with Riles 100%. I myself try my best to watch at least 1 episode before I start shitting on something. XD

  • I try to watch dubs when I can and find it annoying when a character's mouth has been animated to fit the Japanese vocals, or is just moving in a weird way while talking, but I'm absolutely fine with mouths just opening and closing like they normally do in anime.
    This isn't something that will stop me from watching something though, I just think it looks weird.

  • I agree with the four episode rule in spirit (watch the first four episodes, and if you don't like it, drop it), but honestly, if you've gotten that far in a 12 episode series, you may as well finish it off so that you have a clearer idea of what it is you don't like about the show. One episode is usually enough to know whether or not you're going to like a show, since like, honestly I'd say the primary, subconscious reason for watching a show or not is whether or not you like the art style

  • My pet peeve is the last episode of Guilty Crown. It's so darn depressing. Shu might as well kill himself to be with Inori. If I were the director of the show, I would suggest an alternative ending where Shu dies instead of Inori and Inori is pregnant with Shu's child.If that doesn't satisfy anyone, remake the whole series altogether.

  • @Riles:

    People that claim that the sub is superior to dub because Japanese VAs have so much more emotion, as well as the claim that they don't re-use VAs like we do in English

    and those people are only fooling themselves, in some cases depriving themselves of the superior experience :)

    My biggest frustration with anime are characters who are just stereotypes, never fleshed out, just to pander. I'm tired of one-dimensional moe characters who are moe for moe's sake and nothing more.

    …maybe if the whole moe thing appealed to me I'd feel differently but it doesn't.

  • Torpedo Boonbs, that's another pet peeve, if your melons are three times the size of your head, or could potentially poke someone's eye out, that's not sexy, that's gross….also you should probably go to the doctor because there might be something seriously wrong with you!

    Sexualizing underage girls.... Hey anime, thanks a lot for showing me that 10-12 year old girls camel toe outline, I really wanted to see that.... cringe face. Oh how cute now she's wearing a thong...... seriously I know Japan has a hard on for youth, but there needs to be a limit,A sexy 16 year old I can understand, but c'mon, and I think we all know Yoko was lying about her age, no way a gal with a body like that is 14....seriously anime, stop creepin!

  • My anime pet peeve are season finale cliffhangers and/or unfinished endings. Drives me nuts to invest hours watching a wonderful anime only for it to end in a cliffhanger with hopes of a second season. We all know second seasons are rare and not guaranteed.

    Anime creators should just plan to end a season as if it's their last. No cliffhangers, no "what-if's". Just end it on a high note. If negotiations for a second season go well, then tease us with a season two trailer or OVA. If negotiations didn't go so well, then at least anime fans have closure of their favorite series.

    A perfect example would be, Unbreakable Machine Doll. UMD is an unfinished season yet I doubt a 2nd season will be produced (heard the series didn't do so well in Japan).

  • actually, Machine-Doll is doing fairly well so far. the only sales data available is for vol 1 and combined DVD/BD sales are over 6k, which is good. Vol 2 came out Wednesday(1/29) , so we wont see sales figues until Tues (2/4).

  • When it comes to pet peeves with anime, I really don’t have too much simply because I sample various anime and the ones I’m not interested in I usually abandon so I don’t have to put up with them. As a result I stick to watching shows that I enjoy, and while I do have criticisms for those shows, there’s nothing I can really peg down as a pet peeve.

    Obviously, some minor nuisances I have are when characters just seem to trip on nothing when they’re being chased, repetitious storytelling, and too much inner monologuing. Overall, this sort of material is of no real consequence as I may continue watching a series despite these issues, as an example I got back into Attack on Titan and while the pacing does go AWOL at times due to self-indulgent inner monologuing, I have to say I like the series.

    I suppose, if I had an actual pet peeve with anime it would be when shows become self-indulgent where things do become a little pretentious at times in a way that disrupts the pacing and thus inhibiting an otherwise great execution. It’s that much more an issue when a given series is trying to come off more intelligent and cerebral when it had already succeeded with the cast, the character dynamic, development, themes that are dealt with and the dialogue.

    One example is Neon Genesis, I really enjoyed this anime, but speaking as objectively as I possibly can one weakness to it that inhibits some of my enjoyment of this series is that there was a lot of screen time put into unnecessary philosophical drivel. Don’t get me wrong, some of it was good and it aided in Shinji’s development as a character, but a majority of the time it really seemed forced in there to the point where things did register on my “pretentious” scale.

    My second example is Bakemonogatari, it has great dialogue, amazing character development along with clever character designs that mirror their curse in some way; my favorite being the snail girl because I felt it was the most organic of the characters. Unfortunately, this series went way too far with its use of abstract and avant garde art styling’s and animation making it virtually unwatchable for me as I’m still stuck at episode 8 and I just can’t get the motivation to go back to it.

    Just like Neon Genesis with the inner monologue scenes, the unique and experimental animation of Bakemonogatari wasn’t always a liability and did help did develop or re-enforce certain themes or enhance character development ; however most of the time it became just as frivolous as the fan service on other shows people are always complaining about.

    The plus is that it did provide me with a lesson on empathy; while many people complain about the excessive fan service and erotic cinematography on some of my favorite series like Queen’s Blade and High School DxD, I took issue with the art direction on Bakemonogatari while for most of the fans; it was exactly what made it special. It goes to show that all this art, regardless of frivolous additives, is subjective and depends on the person; nobody’s opinion holds any greater validity or high standard than anyone else.

  • This brings me to my next pet peeve, on the contrary; a real pet peeve and it has more to do with the fandom and community. Now I’ve shit on ANN, and guys like Zac and Justin along with this whole Hyper Politically Correct Orwellian Thought Police mentality enough in other posts, and there will come a time where I talk about them again; however it will not be right now, I will be talking about some other issues I have with the fandom. There are so many when it comes to the fandom and community; from what I’ve already mentioned and this PC attitude, but there’s far too much complaining about anime itself, some posts that just make me laugh, but in this post, I’m talking about something else.

    My pet peeve is elitism; now before anyone jumps the gun and gets defensive, hear me out first. A simple description of the elitist fan, at least how I see them is when someone is arrogant enough to sincerely believe that their opinion, or perception on the art form of the entertainment medium that is anime somehow holds greater validity.

    Okay, so I would assume the first thing someone thinks of is that guy who sees anime like Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, The Tatami Galaxy or Neon Genesis as the greatest anime ever made. Well thinking this would be wrong; the type of anime a person watches an elitist it does not make; it’s the attitude of the person.

    Elitists come in the form of every type of fan, from the shonen fanboy, and yes, I have met elitist Naruto and Bleach fans. You have ecchi otaku who get bent out of shape, or feel their subgenre is threatened when the industry decides to make a fan service series that doesn’t pander to their demographic, which is quite hypocritical I might add. Then you just have fans who ignorantly state that anything with fan service is automatically incapable of having any type of character and story dynamic; which is just as bad as fans that look at any psychological thriller, or dialogue driven piece and write off as pretentious mind fuck anime.

    In my perceived definition its people who think their opinion is the be all and end all, they believe they know all there is to know. They believe there is anime can be “objectively” bad, which I will agree with to a certain extent; however, it comes back to varying perceptions and what exactly determines something objectively bad or good. I’ve already seen varied opinions on Fate/Zero ranging from it being considered a masterpiece to a pretentious hunk of trash; so tell me; who’s opinion is correct?

    That’s the real kicker; there is no correct answer, it’s a piece of art, its subjective meaning that some people will consider it bad others great; an elitist is incapable of comprehending this mentality. So this isn’t so much as one fan(a) telling another fan(b) that they’re(b) an idiot because they(b) like a given series they(a) may dislike.

    One key aspect of elitism is an attitude of looking for ways to confirm their individual bias and superiority of their opinion. I’ve heard people say in more or less words in various forms on various forums and YouTube videos, and this is just a small sample; “well, pardon me if I happen to have (higher) standards” or “well I’ve watched anime for 10, 20 years” or “I’m just not so easily impressed” among many other silly things. The simplest way I can put it is that this is all bullshit. It may not be directly saying someone is dumb for liking a particular series, or genre, but the implications are there.

    An individual saying they have standards is implying everyone else who does not like the same anime has crappy or no standards. Well pardon me if I happen to rate Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Queen’s Blade to the same level because, like it or not, they were both very well crafted series. So, I do have standards, but my tastes will never be identical to, nor are they superior or inferior to anyone else’s. They are simply mine; I like what I like. For people to say they have “higher standards” is arrogant and careless and makes the implication of rationalizing their ego and superiority of their individual tastes.

    This idea that there’s a difference between something being entertaining and something being objectively good I find preposterous. At least for myself, if I have problems watching and getting into a series, it’s always due to some sort of flaw or criticism that I can easily identify that may have thrown a wrench into an otherwise smoothly running machine. I’ve generally found the more engaged and entertained I am by an anime, usually the better written and executed it is when start thinking of it from a more analytical perspective.

    Understand, while what I just said may come off somewhat elitist, I assure anyone reading this that if you dislike any anime on my favorites list; I will not think less of your opinion, or you as a fan. Secondly, while this may sound arrogant on my part, if I read a share of an individual’s posts and they have a hate on for a particular style of anime, subgenre like psychological thriller or element within like fan service, I’m less inclined to listen to them when they go off about how horrible High School DxD is, or how pretentious Serial Experiments Lain is. Bottom line being is that I’m taking their personal bias into account, a prime example being the one reviewer from ANN, who’s a shonen nut who pretty much ripped Fate/Zero to shreds.

    Thing is, he’s free to feel that way and have his own opinion, I’m not judging the guy, or considering what he likes and looking down on him for it, what it is, especially after reading the review and watching the actual series, it was like night and day; but just because of that, does my opinion hold more validity than his? I disagreed with practically everything he said, but he’s entitled to his opinion like everyone else. So when it comes to that type of show, and this reviewer wants to piss on it, I know to either look at a second opinion, or look into it for myself.

    I may even consider an individual’s opinion irrelevant; but, that’s only in regards to a specific type of anime if they continually trash or generalize it and than I watch it and come to a completely opposite consensus. On the flipside, I may actually value that same person’s opinion when it comes to other types of anime because I enjoyed some of the same titles.

    To sum everything up I feel about elitism; for the most part, there is no objectively good or bad in the sense that we’re dealing with a medium that’s all subjective art which requires an objective mind free from personal bias and cynicism brought on by ideological reasoning. Make no mistake, many fans and reviewers are so transparent I can see this within a few sentences or a post/review, or from the first few seconds of a YouTube review video.

    The entire premise of elitism is this idea of trying to somehow measure the quality of an anime for the primary reason of rationalising the superiority of one’s own personal favorites; it ultimately comes down to egocentrism and arrogance. It can actually reach a certain point when it all becomes posturing and phoniness and not even about the enjoyment and entertainment of an amazing medium that offers so much for everyone to watch.

    Nobody’s opinion holds any greater wisdom, or validity than anyone else’s.

  • My biggest pet peeve is the Sub and Dub debate like so many others in this thread.

    My second is the stupid male in Harem Anime that seem clueless about what is going on around him. Maybe I am smarter than most but it seems to me that I would see that those girls would be into me. In most of them the girls are practically throwing themselves on the MC.

    My third is cliffhanger into hope for second season.

  • I tend to agree with Most of the previous posts,
    Panties, Giant head (or bigger) sized boobs, camel toe, etc just takes away from the actual story and character Development.
    I enjoy watching anime with my Son and Daughter but usually have to watch everything they see for the second time after watching the whole series before I let them see it, cuz I really don't want to explain what those double bumps are between the legs of girls not much older than my daughter.
    I'm in no way a prude and have actually raised my kids with an understanding of the artistic side of nudity( Salvador Dali prints on the wall, Fantasy artwork, Trips to art museums, etc) and to never be ashamed of your body but sometimes the anime just runs one step below Voyeuristic Pedophilia. I mean come on you can have sex appeal without overtly selling your sex.
    If there is nudity fine i'm all for some realism in my anime and sometimes clothes get ripped, people are attacked in bathrooms or while sleeping, etc, but having a panty shot of a teeny bopper every 3rd or 4th frame because the wind blows…..someone needs a check-up from the neck up.
    Sub/Dub = Pepsi/Coke. watch what ya like, drink what ya like.

    only new pet peeve i haven't seen listed is the switch from normal looking characters to some freaked out version or cutesy version when they get mad or get hit with something or feel all woozy over a love interest,etc. For me it just detracts from the story and seems like its thrown in as a cheep time filler that could otherwise have been used to add to the story.

    ok, i'm off my soapbox, lol.

  • @Scorpwillsting:

    Panties, Giant head (or bigger) sized boobs, camel toe, etc just takes away from the actual story and character Development.

    I can agree that some people may have a problem with these elements, and even more so if they want to watch anime with children, however; I disagree that they "take away" from story and character development as I have seen some pretty amazing series that, while have more than sufficient fan service and erotic cinematography manage to establish well developed characters with a great dynamic to go with it along compelling storytelling.

    I'm not saying anyone's wrong for being annoyed with excessive fan service, I simply disagree due to the fact that I have seen more than a few series with this erotic frivolity prove to me that sentiments that imply these types of shows have no character or story development to be misguided.

  • @Scorpwillsting:

    only new pet peeve i haven't seen listed is the switch from normal looking characters to some freaked out version or cutesy version when they get mad or get hit with something or feel all woozy over a love interest,etc. For me it just detracts from the story and seems like its thrown in as a cheep time filler that could otherwise have been used to add to the story.

    This has to be my biggest frustration with Fullmetal Alchemist.

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