Advanced Machinery Of Termination Tournament 2018 Conference Championship Round Bracket 2 Matches!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for 1 FALL! Which has a 24 Hour Time Limit! And it is for the 2018 1st Annual Advanced Machinery Of Termination Championship! The only way to declare victory is to get 11 votes against your opponent 11 votes will immediately declare you the winner and or whoever has the highest by the end of that 24 hours will be the winner and will move you on to the End of the WORLD Final! The losers of this Round will go to battle for 3rd and 4th place in the Running Up Bowl.

    As we show earlyer the Champion Belt there all going for:

    0_1525497584377_Advanced Machinery Of Termination Champion Belt.png

    Introducing Challengers:


    Please note some people maybe missing avatar or maybe the wrong because I can't find a good decent size of them. Rest to sure someone missing one is not basic on favoritism. Also some of the people I don't know If I got the one photo let me know an I change feel free to link to who he or she look like.

    0_1525130179895_Triela.jpg Triela vs. 0_1525131779163_Ritsu.jpg Ritsu

    The Rules for voting is a like this:

    Put Both participants down but he the different.

    Person A - 3 vs. Person B - 2
    Person C - 0 vs. Person D - 4
    Person E - 1 vs. Person F - 3

    You put the number down but you ONLY bold the person your voting for with the new add number in for that person your voting for. You still voted in order of how there listed on the bracket.

    Also no changing picks and again NO cheating!

  • Triela - 0
    Ritsu - 1 via coin flip

  • Triela uses an 1897, therefore she's better.

    Triela - 1
    Ritsu - 1

  • Triela - 1
    Ritsu - 2

  • Triela - 1
    Ritsu - 3

  • Triela - 2
    Ritsu - 3

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