Profile and Account have Forever Spinning Icon - RESOLVED

  • Description: Users see a forever spinning loading icon on all sections of Profile and Account
    Affected Browsers: Firefox, but Chrome has also been reported
    Affected Operating Systems: Windows 7
    Status: Investigating
    Workaround: Please use an alternate browser or delete your ad-related cookies.

    Update 2/3/2014:
    We've found that this issue could be related to ad cookies. Please try deleting all of your ad-related cookies in your browser. Remember that when you delete cookies, any passwords that you have saved for other website will no longer be saved. To avoid losing these saved passwords, please only delete the advertising cookies.

    Cookies that are safe to delete: <โ€“ This one might delete your Google password cookie, so maybe try skipping this one

    If deleting these does not work, the cookies are:

  • This issue does not occur on Windows 8 or on Mac. If you are on Windows 7, please use IE9 or Chrome. This issue can potentially occur on any browser or operating system. To fix, delete the list of advertising cookies in the post above.

  • Update to this issue (2/19) - If you are able to view your My Account page, and other profile and account related pages, but you are getting a spinning icon on your "Overview" page in My Profile, you may have a different issue which we are currently investigating.

    If this is the case, you can either PM me with this information or, for faster service, submit a new ticket with the reason code "Other Technical". Please mention this thread in your ticket or PM, and mention that you CAN see your My Account page.


  • We believe this issue has been completely resolved for all users.

    If you are still seeing this issue, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If this does not resolve the issue, please submit a ticket for further troubleshooting. Thanks!

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