How to add pictures or GIF to profiles

  • I remember seeing a function in the past on my profile allowing me to edit profile features but it seems sense the big update I can't find it now. Also as long as the pictures or gif are not inappropriate they can be anything right?

    OK I've found out how to update cover photo but when I go to set it properly there is no prompt for save as it says, and when I go to set it in settings it says saved but its still off center when I return. So does it take a few minutes to apply or am I doing it wrong?

  • Hello once again Dark Matter,

    I don't know if you're interested, however, about a year ago, i discussed how people can adjust their avatar here:

    Like you've indicated, since the infamous site changes, God only knows what will work now...

    When you explain something to the effect of, "If appropriate, it can be anything right?"

    I almost shudder to think where you might want to go with that (laughs) ;-)


  • @P.J.
    What I meant was as long as it isn't graphic violence, explicit sexual content, or swear words/vulgar its ok as long as it isn't any of that it can be anything.

  • Just yankin' ya chain...

    What did you have in mind?

  • @P.J.
    I'm trying to get this image centered at eye level but it won't save0_1524177469955_railguns04_1.jpg

  • I'd trim it down to what I need in approximately the proper aspect ratio and try.

  • Hello once again DM,

    Interesting. I hate to ask, but, did you happen to submit a support ticket concerning this? Would that happen to be the girl from a certain scientific something or other?

  • 0_1524211677815_Solution.JPG

  • Probably the closest i'm going to get to what you might be looking for:0_1524215688632_Closest.JPG

  • I started to mess with a image on my profile but I can not find this save button it is talking about to save the location that I dragged it to. Has anyone else found it?

  • Couple of problems with this. If you go too much in either direction, you either cut off the eyes or her mouth. I attempted to strike a balance. Depending on whether my browser was maximized, also impacted the image. In any event, i was working with a limited amount of the image in Paint:

    0_1524216300175_What i was working with in paint.JPG

    Unfortunately, on my Win 10 setup, i don't have Publisher - - would have been infinitely easier to edit with that, unlike the makeshift editing i was doing (laughs) ;-)

    Accounting for the 'white space' so that it would be more accurate, the Ht.- 0.95
    Width- 3.49. I don't know, i guess let me know if you would like me to e-mail you the adjusted image so that you can just upload it without the guess work.

    Take care,

  • @P.J. Thank you for that but that is not what I am talking about.

  • Hello Pizza,

    More or less addressing DarkMatter, however, i am trying to craft a message for your concern as we speak... Also, you might want to remove that screenshot you provided...

  • Hello once again Pizza,

    If you double-click your profile icon (if you are in IE 11) (also holds true for Chrome and Edge on a Win 10 setup) you will see this: (basically your profile being obfuscated)


    You will have to re-size your browser clicking the resize in the top right corner:


    You will then see this:

    0_1524221062487_upload function appears.JPG

    Next, click the upload function and you get this:

    0_1524221141080_white upload box.JPG

    Next, click ‘Browse’, select the file from your computer, click ‘Open’, lastly, click ‘UPLOAD’. You should see your new image.

    If you attempt to use the re-position icon (the one right next to the upload function from the second to last screenshot) that proves less successful in IE 11 on Win 10. It does indicate to re-position your image (which you can), however, the ‘save’ function is not to be found! I thought maybe refreshing the screen might save changes but it doesn’t look to be so. I am not seeing this save function in either Chrome or Edge on my Win 10 pc as well.

    Hoping that some of this might have helped. Most likely, the 'save function' disappeared after the "site view changes" and will have to be addressed by their engineers.


  • @P.J. said in How to add pictures or GIF to profiles:

    If you double-click your profile icon (if you are in IE 11) (also holds true for Chrome and Edge on a Win 10 setup) you will see this: (basically your profile being obfuscated)


    That information bar is horizontal instead of vertical on my computer and is it vertical on your computer by any chance did you change the skin theme in setting part of your profile to anything other then the default setting does that to me at least.

    Also I am using firefox.

  • @P.J. It did thank you and the reason I asked my question was to see if anyone find that save button because that would be a easy way to position it, but the only way as of now is the way you and @Nobu did it.

    From reading the first post again I believe my question is the same thing as @darkmatterkakine post.

  • I'd rather keep the image in high-resolution, I'll just wait for an update or not bother anymore with it. Thank you for trying to help though, I do appreciate it
    also that is Misaka Mikoto from Raildex

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