Season 4 Highschool DXD

  • just got done watching the first episode and from what I watched wow I've lost all interest in it like overlord season 2, that bad!! Did you like it?

  • yup. glad they retconed the end of seoasn 3.

  • @fatman123
    I remember when it first came out everyone acted like Overlord was the greatest thing ever, I figured it was just another instance of a bunch sheep jumping on the bandwagon of something new instead of deciding for themselves if they actually liked it or not.

  • @darkmatterkakine Overlord was like any mmorpg players wish come true for an anime show to make/tie in and was just great!!! Season 1,2 and 3 of DXD was epic and I've seen it probably about 87 times I wanna say but Season 4 I just saw episode 1 and in my book will be an example of how to kill a series off like overlord season 2 did for me at least!

    Sitting around waiting for the servers to close for a game is sad!

  • From what I've read it seems they first episode isn't considered episode 1 but episode 0 which makes sense considering what the episode is, I'll see how the next couple episodes are to decide wether it's good or not and decide if I'm going to watch it or not.

    Also a question have they announced whos going to be the script writer and VAs for the dub yet?

  • @lcdude said in Season 4 Highschool DXD:

    Also a question have they announced whos going to be the script writer and VAs for the dub yet?

    I've seen nothing posted on the blog yet

  • @HOOfan1 Alright Thanks, they need to bring Jamie Marchi back for the script and while unlikely I think they need to find a different VA for Issei Josh Grelle is a good VA and all but he doesn't fit the character and in my opinion based on things I have seen it seems like he isn't comfortable saying certain things.

  • if its anything like last season, cast and crew updates are now around the same time the ep is uploaded on each shows home page instead of a day or two before on the blog.

  • I just saw the newest episode and yeah so far it isn't looking good, so far it looks like they're taking everything that made Highschool DXD great out and making it just another generic Shounen show.

  • so then its business as usual. The show has dipped its toes into shonen territory numerous times.

  • @Getchman They went way to far with it this time though.

  • What you mean Akeno wanting to jump Issei's Bones in Ep. 1 then getting interrupted by everyone (Par for the course) Then showing Isse & Rias in bed together before the trip wasn't enough Fan Service for you?

  • I thought Episode 2 was better as far as animation and art, and it didn't have the feel of being plopped down in the middle of something that episode 0 did, but the sparring match with Sairaorg seemed kind of random...even if that's what happened in the novels. Fan service is going to be ramped up to 11 in the next episode I believe.

  • @Series5Ranger Nope. I've seen reviews of the uncensored version and there's barely any, so far they've only shown one bit of nudity any most censorship where as previous seasons there would be way more.

  • @lcdude
    It depends upon what the light novels give them.

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