Invalid ZIP/postal code

  • Hello there. I'm a long-standing Funimation subscriber from Canada. Just recently, I received an e-mail saying that there was an error processing my next payment. Soon enough, my premium subscription was cancelled. When I tried to re-activate it by either adding a new card or re-entering the one I'd been using, I got "invalid zip/postal code" when entering my Canadian billing address. How would I be able to fix this? Please help.

  • You have to send a message to Funimation through their contact form and for faster service, you can send them a message through the FunimationHelp Twitter page.

  • Please send in a ticket to and let them know about the situation. You can also message them directly on Twitter @FunimationHelp and you might get a faster response that way.

  • @KUZUNI Just a quick warning on this one. The exact problem is why I don't keep an active Funimation subscription anymore. Assuming that you get the same responses I always got, every time I had to renew annual subscriptions, support is going to say something about a flaw with your bank, and then change the story to a "billing issue". MAKE SURE TO KEEP IN CONTACT WITH YOUR BANK WHILE THIS IS BEING FIXED!!! Every time, my card ended up getting locked because of suspicious activity while Funimation was trying to figure out what was going on.

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