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  • Why do you release the DVD/Blu-Ray of English dubbed stuff before you release the stream? Sorta defeats the purpose of people subbing to y'all to watch anything here and just buying the Blu-Ray instead.. It's not like people aren't going to buy the Blu-Ray anyway if they like the series.. Just seems like a bad business practice not to mention a big middle finger to those that subscribe to premium.

  • wachu talkin bout willis?

    they release the simuldub streams well before the home media. They release the uncensored streams the same day as the home media

  • Simuldubs yes, but for the shows that get dubbed later, they are released the same day as home video. I'm guessing that's what they are talking about.

  • I don't understand

  • I don’t see the issue myself. Funimation is simul-dubbing a lot of stuff lately so I don’t notice it that often and when I do if I like subs then I’m fine as it’s often already somewhere like Crunchyroll subtitled so if it has taken a long time 9/10 I’ve already seen it subbed. So…I dunno feels like a bonus to re-watch it dubbed later. Yeah I love to hear my native tongue but I also love subs so I deal. Sometimes they release a few episodes to entice people and show what the voice acting is like such as I think they posted 3 dubbed episodes of the Morose Monokean prior to it being released on BD/DVD. That I did get impatient for because it had been out for a while subbed but I hadn’t noticed it so when I saw it on Funimation I was hooked. The dubbing sounded great so I couldn’t wait for the release but then I bought it before finishing even half of it online lol. They obviously think it’s a money issue to place it out early and as it’s being dubbed late perhaps they just want to release it all at once online rather than in installments so they do so when the physical format is released. Honestly the only thing that bums me out as a Funimation subscriber is that it is my only paid streaming service as I don’t have a lot of cash and I wish for a similar fee with got both Funimation & Crunchyroll as the companies work together. Maybe they could raise the fee slightly but definitely not the current price for both as I would love to have Crunchyroll premium yet can’t bring myself to pay that much when it’s not as if there’s new anime every night of the week.

  • @tempusspiritus This is true, for the most part. Funimation simuldubs a lot of shows, but only the first two episodes are free while the rest requires a paid subscription. In the case of shows being released on home video, they always release the first TWO episodes for free users and subscribers one month before home video release, then they release the rest all at once on release day, but only the episodes on that release, with only a few exceptions, like Dragon Ball Super. Due to this method of release, it actually brings in a lot more money that just solely relying on home video sales. The free previews also entice people to subscriber and/or buy the home video release. They probably wouldn't even make half the money they do now if not for this method.

    Also, you can get Crunchyroll and Funimation for cheap together. It requires the use of a service known as VRV., owned and operated by the parent company of Crunchyroll. For $10 a month, you can get both, plus a ton of other different streaming services. It is only about $4 more a month than Funimation by itself and it is $2.95 a month cheaper than both separate. That is a savings of #23.59 a year by bundling together. The only issue is Funimation can pay for a whole year at once while VRV and Crunchyroll are monthly recurring payments only. Personally, I just use Funimation and then use ad-supported free Crunchyroll if I want to watch a sub, since that would likely give Crunchyroll more money than a subscription would and everything they have is available for free a week after airing, except maybe the few dubs they have.

    This is why this kind of model works. Subs have been freely available online for decades, while dubs are what normally bring in more money, since most have already seen subs for series before a dub even comes out. The subs and dubs are mutually beneficial in this way where the subs expose fans to series and the dubs bring in the profits, since the dubs are normally all that really need a subscription to view or buying the home video release..

  • said in About DvD sales and streaming rights:

    Why do you release the DVD/Blu-Ray of English dubbed stuff before you release the stream?

    Umm no, they do the opposite actually. For anime going straight to Home Video like Myriad Colors Phantom World, Ace Attorney, Re:Zero, they make them available for streaming the exact same day as their Home Video Release.

    There's very rare exceptions like Nichijou, but Funimation has been very consistent with making anime available for streaming the same day as their Home Video releases.

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