Funimation App for Windows Phone please

  • I really enjoy my Funimation Elite Subscription but I'd enjoy it a lot more if I could use it with my Windows Phone. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I'll let the team know. :D

  • Would love to see a windows phone app… Been looking at a subscription service, and am torn between funimation and crunchyroll. Windows phone app for funimation would settle it pretty quick for me....

  • i would also like this i have a Windows Phone and would like to be able to watch funimation shows on it… the only thing is that it would have to have the same subscription restrictions as the Crunchyroll app as to where non-elite videos for non-elite members would be available in app only over wifi.

  • so would i

  • I agree. Windows phone app please!

  • Yes Please! We need this!

  • Would very much want funimation available for windows phone and surface table as well

  • Same here. I have a Windows Phone AND a Windows 8.1 Tablet and would like to be able to use a funimation app on either/both.

  • Looks like people have wanted a Windows Phone Funimation App for over a year. There may not be as many of us, but we are out there and we would like to have mobile access. Currently, I have to use my Lumia 1520 as an access point for my Nexus 7 tablet (WiFi Only). It's a bit of a pain to have to lug around 2 devices. It would be greatly appreciated by me and my fellow Windows Phone users if we could have an app for viewing our subscribed content.

  • Let me cast my vote in on this as well.

  • I'd vote for this, maybe see this with windows 10? It would be nice to have a universal app for all windows devices!

  • Is there an update on whether or not this is a thing or not?

    i really would like to see it.

  • Any more word on this? Are you ever planning on creating an app for Windows Phone?

  • A windows phone app would be insanely awesome.

  • Windows 10 and windows mobile app, please!

  • I need a windows app for funimation, when I go to the gym I watch anime, and currently my only easy option is my crunchyroll account, but I want to catch up on my funimation shows! So give me the funimation app! We've been waiting to long!

  • We'll be releasing our Windows 10 Universal app in February. See for more information.

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