In regards to Ep. 0 Fixing past seasons' mistakes "POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!"

  • If the new company that's making the anime really wanted to fix TNK's dumpster fire mess that was season 3 they should of just saved up money, hired good animators, and made this season 25 episodes long and adapted volumes 5-10.

    1. Dedicate 5 episodes to cover volume 5's trip to the Underworld, Rookies 4 introduction, and Rias vs Sona ratings game.
    2. Then 4 episodes to cover volume 6's Diodora's scheming, Shalba's attack on the Underworld, and Issei vs Vali Juggernaut Drive fight.
    3. Made volume 7 with Loki, Akeno's lame drama, and Chichigami just 3 episodes because that volume sucked anyway and ended with a Deus Ex Machina.
    4. Then the remaining 12 episodes could be dedicated to volumes 9 and 10 with the trip to Kyoto and them fighting the Hero Faction and the Rias vs Sairaorg ratings game with Issei gaining the Crimson Armor


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  • @HOOfan1
    1st point was the Rias vs Sona ratings game

  • @darkmatterkakine said in In regards to Ep. 0 Fixing past seasons' mistakes "POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!":

    1st point was the Rias vs Sona ratings game

    Somehow I just read that as trip to the underworld.

    There was actually some stuff about that rating game that pissed me off though.

    Spoiler tags on this forum suck so possible spoilers below...but really for stuff that will never be animated anyway so whatever

    1. Sona implying that Saji defeated Issei...when all he did was attach something to suck his blood. Issei defeated Saji and one of Sona's Bishops was the one actually sucking his blood out, so in reality it wasn't Saji that really defeated Issei, not to mention the fact that Sona was so intent on taking Issei out of the fight, when it was Issei's ability which ended up helping Rias win the rating game.

    2. The fact that they got so offended that Issei was reading their minds (they said he was talking to their boobs, but come on, the end result was still reading their minds), yet it was perfectly fine for them to suck Issei's blood.

    3. Rias saying Issei couldn't use boob speak in rating games anymore because no teams with girls on them would want to compete anymore. Seems perfectly fine to me. If they refuse to compete, they forfeit and you win.

  • @HOOfan1
    Yeah I thought that was lame too. Issei's booblingual was such an awesome move that's just like Issei to invent, and them saying no to any future use was just too stupid. Also even though I didn't like volume 7 much when I read nor season 3's depiction of it: I did like the fact that Loki attacked while in the Underworld during a GOD conference rather than in the middle of the day in Japan like in the novel. Also the whole Breast Fairy helping Issei use a fake Mjolnir was dumb just make it the original Mjolnir Thor uses for God's sakes! Also I wish Fenrir was huge even bigger than Tannin and Loki causing Ragnarok should of been some kind of cool ritual or spell he had to complete instead of him just attacking randomly with legendary monsters.

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